HUnting laws Essay

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HUnting laws

I’ve never really paid attention to who makes the laws for hunting to be honest I’ve only just followed them. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission is a citizen board, chosen by the Governor, which sets regulations and policies for Colorado’s state parks and wildlife programs. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife is who enforces the laws that the commission makes, there job is to protect, preserve, enhance, and manage wildlife for the use of the people of this state.

There are several types of hunting allowed in Colorado such as Archery, Rifles, Muzzle loading, shot gun. And just about every type of mammal can be hunted in regulation elk, mule deer, black bear, mountain lion, antelope, bighorn & Desert Bighorn, moose, mountain goat and whitetail deer, bobcat, fox, coyote, and badger. There is also birds such as Partridge, dove, grouse, quail, chucker, turkey, duck, geese, ptarmigan, snipe, and many other birds I don’t feel like naming.

I understand why some people are against hunting, I mean when you only know part of the story all you hear is killing an innocent animal. And some people only see the stereotype a think it’s just a bunch of banjo stringing rednecks going Rambo on Bambi’s mom. But there are several laws and regulations keeping all hunting safe and even necessary to keep species size under control. I have hunted all my life, and I’ve learned most of my life lessons sitting on the cold ground with a 30.

6 in my hands waiting for an elk to pass by. So hunting is a part of me, my family doesn’t hunt to just kill an animal, every piece of meat we eat is either a cow from our pasture or elk we killed during hunting season. That is the meat we eat all year, so even though I know why we hunt and why it’s not bad I understand why some people think it might be barbaric. I’m also not saying that some people don’t disrespect the right to hunt and kill anything they see, just like anti-hunters think.

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