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Hunting is not bad Essay

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Hunting is not bad

Hunting is not bad. It keeps the animal numbers at a level the habitat can support. Without hunting, deer and other animals would become endangered because there would not be enough food to go around. The protection of the herd, the habitat, and its management determines when hunting is allowed.

Hopefully the meat garnered from a hunt is used and not discarded. Deer hunting isn’t bad. Most people think it is because animals die. Well, consider this, when you take a step, you kill 2,000,000,000 living things. Also, the typical deer, when shot, takes under a minute to die. Cows, when slaughtered, take eight minutes, fourteen seconds on average.

Now, when most people think of hunters, they think of guys sitting in a tree shooting at anything that moves. That isn’t hunting. Hunting is slowly tracking an animal, carefully taking aim, and killing it with as little pain as possible. After killing the animal, real hunters use all of it, whereas commercial companies throw out more than half of it. Now some hunters abuse the privilege to hunt animals when they do not hunt in the correct season; these hunters are called “poachers”.

They don’t grasp the fact that it is most likely mating season for those animals. If the animals do not breed then chances are that they will become endangered or even possibly, extinct. Poachers are also hunters who just don’t follow hunting regulations, such as, people who hunt but do not possess a license to use their weapon, or illegally selling the animal or animal parts for a profit. When hunting regulations in general, are not followed, it does not only endanger animals but human lives as well.

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