Hunting is a cruel Essay

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Hunting is a cruel

Do you want to live? If you do you will think or know that Hunting is a cruel, it is wrong to kill animals as a means of entertainment. Less than 5 percent of the U.S. population hunts. Twenty percent of foxes who have been wounded by hunters are shot again. did you know that if hunting goes out of control people on the earth might die because we need meat for us to live in the world and if we do not have meat we can die. we all live on a cycle if that cycle has someone missing the others will dies, like for an example:

The sun give the plant some sun light so it can grown then the plants grows but the frog eats the plant then the frogs get eaten by all the snakes so the the snakes die then the eagle dies because the snakes died. isn’t that a crime to the environment. well a cycle is a series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order, or it is a complete set or series. There are so many views of why hunting is right. We will also touch on animal testing.

The following paper will prove and show why hunting for eating is fine yet at the same time hunting and fishing for trophy’s is bad. Hunting a fox,deer, and other animals is Wrong.It is already to much that drought, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanoes happen. The rought, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanoes only do is distroy the houses of animals and plants,too.

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