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Hunting and fishing should be encouraged Essay

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Hunting and fishing should be encouraged

Hunting and fishing should be encouraged on condition that the society ensures regulated periodic fishing and hunting based on enough scientific data (U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation). This should be consistent with management purposes and total protection and care given to particular species so that they don’t get finished. Hunting and fishing are activities which have economic effect, social and cultural effect and nutritional aspect to the society.

On economic effect the activities are very important to the society because from them the country engages itself in pet trade and laboratory research. This is achieved if only done well so that degrading of natural ecosystem is made possible. From pet trade, a country earns foreign exchange which is necessary for growth and development of its economy. This encourages specialization and so large scale fishing and hunting is possible. Different countries exploit this kind of trade at different levels depending on the natural resources with import of technical know how, machinery and equipment from a country.

Hunting and fishing normally provide job opportunities to the people who are not employed. The hunters after hunting sell their animals and the fishermen sell fish and earn their daily bread. This is a way of creating jobs to the jobless in the society and it reduces poverty. The other economic impact of hunting and fishing is that the activities promote financial stability, which is also an important determinant of economic development of a country. It implies the existence of the well organized and developed money market and Banking system.

The monetary and fiscal policies of such government have to maintain financial stability and promote economic development. Hunting and fishing help in speeding up of technical progress. This made possible by division of labor, specialization and productivity of labor and capital. All these result in adoption of new methods of hunting and fishing and at the same time, the presence of foreign countries in the trade with their superior technical knowledge provide a stimulus to such local activities for more research and development.

This encourages invention and innovations (http://www. mcall. com/sports/outdoors/). In a country where hunting and fishing take place, it gets revenue from taxation. This is got from the traders of the products as a result of hunting and fishing. The activities of hunting and fishing have resulted to revival of agricultural marketing institutions for example Kenya meat commission which was closed down as a result of poor management and lack of raw materials. As it concerns social and cultural effects, hunting and fishing are of great importance in some communities of the world.

This is because their products for example skins, hides and horns are used in the traditional practices. In some communities skins and hides are used as clothes when performing important rituals for example circumcision. Horns are traditionally blown to long distances incase of danger or when a certain gathering is required. At the same time, fishing is a daily routine among the Nilotes group of Africa whereby they are proud of being fishermen and they believe that fish makes them bright, clever and at the same time strong.

These two nice activities normally promote social amenities like schools, hospitals and infrastructure in general. This is in the sense that people are taken to schools to be trained on how to hunt and fish and only the qualified personnel are employed in such sectors. In connection to that so many schools will crop up to train people on the same. Consequently, the roads are constructed to make transportation of products easy and speedy. Hunting promotes human animal interaction in the sense that some animals like dogs become friendly to human beings since they hunt together and they have a way of communicating.

These activities also increase population in the sense that people have enough food and so it reduces poverty improving the living standards of people. In that case per capita income becomes high. On the other part hunting and fishing should be encouraged because they bring about balancing of the ecosystem. This is so because in some situations when wild animals are left to reproduce without control they may end up in large number and ultimately deplete their habitats.

These hunting and fishing activities should be encouraged where natural means of reducing the surging populations is not available for example where animals that preys on others do not exist in such areas. Fishing should be encouraged because when large numbers of grown up fish is left uncontrolled can end up eating the small young fish. This can lead to a scenario whereby in future the fish population will be too small or end up in extinction. It should be however be noted that both hunting and fishing should be done cautiously so as not to lead to endangering or extinction of some wildlife and fish species.

Both fishing and hunting can be done for entertainment e. g. sport hunting and fishing. In the example of the poem, “The Fish” by Elizabeth Bishops, the person doing the fishing seems to be interested in the activity and has the required skills. The Fisherman also seems to be enjoying the activity as well and as such he is participating in a recreating thing. This supports the idea that fishing and hunting should be encouraged. Fish, wild game and birds can contribute immensely in the provision of vital nutrients to the human body.

It is for this reason therefore that fishing and hunting should be encouraged because they both contribute nutrients to people. When people eat them they become healthy and participate in other economic, social and political issues in their day to day life. Therefore fishing and hunting should be done perfectly. To conclude, hunting and fishing should be encouraged but must be counteracted by effective and reasonable measurements for long lasting preservation of a healthy ecosystem. Beside the ecosystem the economic aspect of the same is also of great significance.

Many people have done hunting and fishing for sport and recreation hence it is a good thing from that perspective. Works cited 1. Benefits of fishing and hunting, available at http://www. mcall. com/sports/outdoors/ accessed on January 16, 2008 2. U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation Article evaluation The evaluation is based on an article entitled: “Hunting and Fishing: Bright Stars of the American Economy – A Force as Big as all Outdoors” It is clearly evident from the article that fishing and hunting have many benefits and as such should be encouraged.

Both have been shown to contribute in the creation and support of jobs in many states of America. Other benefits include generation of tax revenue, sporting opportunities. According to the article Texas was ranked on the top among other states in America. With 2. 6 million hunters who spent around $6. 6 billion, 106,000 jobs supported and $1. 3 billions in tax revenues in Texas, makes hunting and fishing an important sector of the economy (U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation).

Closely following Texas was Florida where both the two had shown great potential in the support and sustainability of the economy. From the article it can be deduced that when fishing and hunting are done in a good manner like providing access and maintaining healthy habitats and fisheries, they can create jobs, raise tax revenue as well as boost travel and tourism sector. Sportsmen engaged in fishing and hunting have greatly benefited manufacturers of hunting and fishing related products such as baits, boats, guns, among others.

It has also been observed that sporting activities related to fishing and hunting are generally carried out in the rural areas and as such benefit people living there who are less affluent. This article ideally tries to compare the fishing and hunting sector to other large corporations that as well contribute immensely to the economy. This sector is portrayed as being equally important and as such should not be ignored or discouraged. Those engaged in fishing and hunting should be supported and encouraged to use their skills for their own good as well as for economy the country.

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