Hunting and dave Essay

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Hunting and dave

Kutchers Sporting Camp was built in 2009, In Sebec Maine. Dave Kutcher, and his father took hunting trips to Maine traditionally for several years. David , and his father decided they liked it so much that they wanted to build there own hunting camp. Thus, the founding of Kutchers Hunting Camp. The hunting camp provide a guided hunt for each seasonal hunting. This includes: Bear, dear, Duck, Moose, and muzzle loading. The camp ground has 400 acres of private land to hunt on, and 300 accessible acres. There are five cabins. Each cabin could sleep eight people; equipped with it’s own bathroom, and kitchen.

Each meal was provided by the staff in the dining area. Breakfast was served at 4:00am, lunch at 11:00am, and dinner or “supper” at 6:00 pm. Kutchers Sporting Camp’s, was designed in a way to ensure that each person had a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Dave Kutcher ran into some trust issues with his original manager. When the hunting season was over, he went back to his home in New Hampshire. He left the responsibilities of his place into the hand of the wrong person. When he returned he found sixty pot plants growing a mile into his hunting grounds.

The building also needed several repairs, from parties that were thrown there. Devastated , and enraged he fired his manager. I was bartending at Wildwoods, when I met Dave and his wife Lorraine. Completely oblivious to whom they were, I treated them with kindness and respect, as I would any costumer. I brought them everything they needed , and engaged in friendly conversation. Wildwoods was packed that night. Chatter, music and just all together noise filled the air. I have , and always had a strong work ethic; So it was normal to me, to pick up the slack on a busy night.

Even though I was assigned to just bartend, I was taking out food, taking orders, bussing tables, and cooking. With all this going on, I would still manage to be attentive to my costumers at the bar. When things slowed down, I brought Dave and his wife Lorraine their bill. Lorraine looked up at me as if she was watching a really interesting YouTube video, then she said “holy cow women, I get tired watching you work”. Then Dave added “where do you get your work ethic? ” feeling comfortable enough with them, after a few hours of serving them drinks, and exchanging jokes, I playfully responded “ oh you know, I do lots of coke”.

They instantly laughed then Dave said “would you like to work for me? ” “Doing what? ” , I asked. Then Dave began to tell me -in detail- about his business and the disaster with his pervious manager. what he was looking for in a worker, and the position. When Dave was done explaining, I responded by saying , “I don’t know, I’ve never held a position with that many responsibilities before”. when I was done explaining all the reasons why I was not fit for the job, Dave smiled and said “trust me you could handle yourself just fine. ” “plus you’ll make about 1,300 a week” “were talking green.

” He added. Still hesitant, but intrigued greatly by the comment on my weekly earnings there I said “maybe , that’s sound like a great opportunity , but I just wouldn’t want to mess up. ” Lorraine cut in by saying “why don’t you come by the lodge and just watch for a day, see if you like it then let us know”. We exchanged numbers, and they gave me directions to the lodge. I got back to work, and on they’re way out they shouted to me at the bar, and said” we better see you tomorrow and bring some of that coke, you’ll need it. “ I laughed and told them to have a good night.

The next day I got in my car, and drove over Sebec. Sebec is about thirty minutes form where I lived. When I got to Kutchers’, Dave and Lorraine were out side surrounded by about ten or fifteen hunters in bright orange and camouflage outfits. Each of the hunters were equipped with their own riffle. To me looked like a tiny militia gearing up for battle with nature. As I got out of my car, Lorraine separated herself from the group and came up to me and said, “ hey girlie, were glad you came, trust me you’ll do just fine here. ” She then yelled to Dave and told him she would be taking me inside for a “briefing”.

She lead me up the stairs to the lodge ,and all I can remember thinking was… wow, if MTV did a north words expose’, this place would be featured. Everything in the lodge was beautiful. Cherry wood finishing all around , all the light fixtures were in different variety’s of antlers. , several genuine leather black seats –which would eventually be know as the fancy chairs- were carefully placed in a square formation, in the foyer. The smell of fire wood and pine filled the air. Lorraine and I made our way to the foyer by the fire.

This must be what the other side looks like. Lorraine Informed me that Dave would be joining us shortly. He had to take the hunters to there quadrants- designated hunting ground- for their afternoon hunt. Lorraine then began to tell me the specifics of my job, or “jobs” to be correct. I would be in charge of : setting up the cabin rotation chart, incoming client’s , out going client’s, meal coordination, cleaning, inventory, answering phones, payroll for my assistant, hiring an assistant, cooking, costumers needs, and “most importantly keeping Dave on track” Lorraine added with a laugh.

Lorraine was the stand in manager for the time being , but she had to leave to go back to New Hampshire . Dave is as ex-military man, however, he maintained a business savvy facade. He was a very intellectually gifted man, but not self sufficient by any means. His wife Loraine’s’ main concern was leaving him alone. Dave could not cook, clean, or organize well what-so-ever. My boss Dave Kutcher was defiantly my definition of a “classical male”. He believe women belonged in the kitchen and Men belonged at work. So he could never find these duties “fitting” for a male.

After casual conversation I found myself committing to the job. When Lorraine left everything was up to me, and my assistant. I hired my best friend- Alyssa Gray- to work with me there. Working at Kutcher’s involved staying at the lodge at all times. Literally, I had to live in the staff room. It was a 24/7 job. I woke up at four every morning and worked myself to the last minute of the day. At first everything seemed like a jumble. I had a very long list of things to do each day, and there never seemed to be enough time. My days consisted of the following: Have breakfast cooked and set on table by 4:30 am.

Clean up breakfast, check with Dave on the coordinates of each hunter, recorded each hunters locations on the board , re charge dead hand-held communication devices lodge detail-vacuum, dust mop, windows, bathrooms, laundry. Clean: Dave’s room , staff room, kitchen walk way, man cave. check inventory, go shopping for groceries , at 11:00 am cook lunch/clean lunch. cabin rotation- Clean cabin, and restock them. Cook dinner/clean dinner. Briefing with dave, Sleep then wake up and do it again. It was a long three months, but I managed. At one point it became second nature and I was ahead of my own game.

I never thought I had the organization skills, or the professionalism to run a place like Kutchers Sporting Camps. This place taught me so much about myself, that I never knew. I have never exposed to this type of demand In a work place. If I never experienced Kutchers’ sporting camp, I would never know just how efficient I can be. This was the culture experience of a life time. Not only did I get to learn management skills or what people did when they hunted, I got to learn how to adapt to what a situation demands. Being able to adapt to what a situation demands a skill that I believe will be useful in many different aspects of my life.

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