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Hunting Activity

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (884 words)
Categories: Activity, Hunting Animals, Hunting As A Sport
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Hunting is a common activity all around the world, and if performed properly, can have many benefits to us and the rest of the planet. The art of hunting has been around since the beginning of time. Living off of the land used to be a necessity across the world, until the mass production of food came along. In America, people do not usually need to hunt to survive. However, the population of animal species needs to be controlled.

Too many of one type of animal can cause a drastic change to any ecosystem. Food supplies decline quickly, leaving many animals without food.

Hunting can help keep the population of a group of animals at a good number, making the lives of the other species easier. Hunters and fishermen are some of the most prominent demographic groups, and have an annual economic contribution of $70 billion (Eaton). Taxes from this also benefit the habitat by funding wildlife control (Gibbons).

Hunting contains many positive effects on the world and the things living in it. Some people have negative views on this activity, but the amount of positive affects it has on society overbears the negative ones.

The population is controlled by this activity. Without hunting, populations would exceed expectations and ruin the flow of nature’s growth and production. Hunting is an important conservation tool, and can provide significant benefits in rural areas where there are few opportunities (Dickson). Many people amongst the world receive their food by hunting. Without this, they would starve and cease to exist. These people rely on finding food for themselves, making hunting a necessity. The economy is also affected by hunting. It creates about 700,000 jobs across the country alone.

This created a nationwide impact on the economy of around $61 billion (“The Economic Importance”). The Economy in the United States of America has and is continuing to decline. From the war efforts, to helping other countries, this country has dug itself a deep hole. If America is gaining money for our economy, while also helping control the population of animals, why should hunting be outlawed? Too many positive effects come from hunting to take action based on the negative ones, which are mostly opinions, not facts. Many people believe hunting to be a cruel activity.

With any activity in this world, there will be those who do not perform it properly and can damage the reputation those who do it right try to uphold. If hunting is performed how it is made to, it is not a cruel sport and should not be looked upon in shame. Between 60% to 76% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. Therefore, 60% to 76% of Americans believe what the Bible states. “Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our like-ness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground. (Gen . 1. 26)

Therefore, around 70% percent of America believes that men should rule over all of the creatures of the earth (animals), giving them the choice to hunt throughout the world. On another topic, Most Americans eat meat, which means that most Americans condone the use of slaughterhouses. These factories are extremely cruel to animals and treat them with severe disrespect, killing more animals in a day than most hunters would kill in a year. Many people consider hunting dangerous. This is not necessarily correct.

Before any person is legally allowed to hunt in most states, they must undergo a required safety course, teaching them gun safety and other important lessons on hunting. Hunters are also required to wear special clothing and vests to make sure other hunters can see them. Many states also restrict the amount of ammunition and the types of guns that hunters are allowed to use. These precautions ensure the safety of hunters as much as possible. Guns can be considered dangerous, but no gun can operate by itself. Man is responsible for these deaths, not guns. However, gun control is a completely different topic.

Hunting is a very necessary sport around the world, and will continue to be practiced for years to come. Hunters undoubtedly have an economic contribution to local economies from buying game tags, to local grown corn and other food for the animals (Hanmer). Local businesses need this source of income to help them stay in business. If these companies are shut down and forgotten, there will be even more jobs lost in America. More and more large manufacturers and commercial businesses have been showing up in this country, slowly eliminating many of our family and friends’ life work.

Many families have and will continue to make sure hunting is practiced. This activity is passed from generation to generation in many families across the United States. It is true that hunting can be cruel if performed in the incorrect way, but most hunters have learned from the state’s safety course or their family members, the way it is meant to be done. Safety is a large part of the hunting technique, and most hunters respect these laws. Hunting is a very prominent part of the world today, and has many positive outcomes towards our planet.

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