Hunters in the Snow Essay

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Hunters in the Snow

It’s really thrilling to read the short story “Hunters in the Snow” since it deals with three amazing characters namely Kenny, Tub and Frank. This short story is very interesting to read because these three hunting buddies’ characters appear as the story goes. At first, you will think if there is friendship among them, since one part of the story shows that Frank and Kenny could have helped Tub to get through the fences but they didn’t. However, in the end, you can actually see that there is more than friendship in their relationship as the story unfolds.

It has been clearly seen that depending on circumstances, the three men who has balance of power among them could shift anytime since because of human nature. The story also suggests that whenever human being has been isolated in a natural setting, it is possible that they can be like animals which are primitive and predatory. The funny tragicomedy ending of the story made me laugh since they routed to a different way instead of heading to the hospital where they have to bring Kenny.

Another related short story entitled “The Most Dangerous Game” which is also about hunting and human nature. Here, Sanger Rainsford is the main character who has a hard heart towards the animals he hunts and for him, hunting is the best sport in the world. Zaroff, a Russian aristocrat, on the other hand is called a civilized savage since his favorite prey is man. The setting is very interesting since it has always been mysterious to go to Caribbean island. It’s been terrifying to know that there are humans who hunt for human.

I felt sad about the frightened creatures that are being killed by hunters but the worst part of the story is when Rainsford killed Zaroff as he says “I am still a beast at bay”. The story is very inhumane as I read it, because aside from killing wild animals, human has been also a target for hunting in this story. This is really the most dangerous game so to speak because it seems that killing and hunting is just their hobby. However, I have learned that the purpose of the story is to teach us that game has its own rules but when you think that it would not be fair at all, you have to think twice especially when your life is at risk.

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