Hunger Games Essay

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Hunger Games

“I want to die as myself” Katniss Everdeen claims showing that she will not conform to what the capitol wants her to be and that she will do anything in her power to rebel against it. In the novel The Hunger Games made by Suzanne Collins, Katniss everdeen displays many forms of rebellion against the rules of the Capitol throughout the story. All ready before the games Katniss shows rebellion and hate for the capitol, because of her tough life growing up in the seam. She shows the capitol how people can still be united though the meaning of the hunger games is to drive them apart.

This shows he other districts that they are more powerful than the capitol if they stand together. This grantees her success of the hunger games competition. Before the reaping Katniss shows a couple forms of rebellion. She rebels against the capitol by hunting in forest behind her district which is highly unlawful. She does this because when she was younger her dad was in a coal mining explosion and died from it. He was the main provider for them family. Faced with starvation and trying to feed her mother and sister she decided to take the risk of poaching and leaving the boundaries of her district.

She admits to this action by saying “I had the good luck to kill a rabbit”(51). This is a highly illegal action that the capitol punishes by death she explains “trespassing in the woods is illegal and poaching carries the severest of penalties”(5) she also mentions “I can be shot on a daily basis for hunting(17). For other goods like wheat and grain Katniss trades at her districts black market also know as “The Hob”. Which the capitol has no control or knowledge over. She confesses “Trades in the Hob which is the black market where I make most of my money”(6). Since the capitol has no control over this she is now taking more than the apitol has allowed and helping other get more as well.

Prior the games Tributes have a week to prepare for the games in this time Katniss shows many ways of rebellion. Her first form is when they are on the train on the way to the capitol in which their mentor Haymitch told them “Here is my advice , stay alive”(56). Katniss and Peeta realize that he couldn’t care too much about there lives as hes a drunk. But both Katniss and Peeta are determined to win for there families. Then Katniss takes it upon herself to let him know that by slamming a knife in between his hands. She says this by confessing “I drive my knife into the table between his ands”(57). This needless to say is prohibited by the capitol. After the opening ceremonies for the games Haymitch remarks about the hand holding Peeta replies saying “just the perfect touch of rebellion”(79). Once again the meaning of the games is to drive people apart not make them closer. Her next form is where the game makers rank the Tributes.

When it’s Katniss’s turn to show her skills the game makers don’t watch her this angers her and she shoots an arrow right through the apple in the pigs mouth. She claims “Without thinking, I pull an arrow from my quiver and send it straight at he gamemakers table”(101-102). This is obviously illegal and quite a stupid decision seeing as Katniss’s life is in the hands of these people. But shows rebellion by showing that she is not afraid or intimidated by these people. During the games Katniss conveys the most import acts of rebellion that ultimately help her win the games. Her first act is when Rue dies from being speared Katniss buries her body and then decorates her graves with flowers.

She says “I decorate her body with flower… they’ll have to show it” Because this is a broadcast-ed event the district from where Rue came from saw and was torn with ngry and they give the 3 finger sign which is almost like respect. They then start an uprising. This is rebellious because the whole point of the hunger games is to drive the districts apart so they don’t try and unite and try and rebel against the capitol. Katniss’s finally act of rebellion is which allows her to win the games is when after her and Peeta kill Kato and they are told only one person can win. Katniss knows that all they want is a winner so she says if both of can’t win then no one will.

She then gets out the berries and gives some to Peeta and just as they are about to eat the berries the announcer comes on nd tells them that there will be two winners this year. She tells Peeta “ Hold them out I want everyone to see”. This angers the president because there is only supposed to be one winner and it also makes him look like a fool. In the end this act of rebellion shows that she will not be owned by the capitol and would rather die than go with them. Katniss shows many forms of rebellion against the rules of the hunger games such as: poaching, attacking capitol’s people and the one that had a huge impact showing the people that when united they are stronger than the capitol and there’s no reason to be afraid of them.

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