Hunger Games Essay

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Hunger Games

There is a really in dept meaning of what the hunger games is really portraying and what it means, which can be hard to explain, but picture this scenario: Twenty-four teenagers, (12 boys, 12 girls) and they are all sent into a giant arena to kill and fight for their lives. But only one can survive. Think to yourself what would you do? Katniss and Peeta were horrified and for them, the Hunger Games was real.

Three rules they stuck with throughout the games: Don’t step off your plate before the sound dings, don’t insult the capitol, and most importantly don’t get killed, but honestly with twenty-three other tributes out to kill you, you can’t wait time, you always have to be two steps ahead of them and you trust no one, or you most likely will end up dead. It’s a pretty gruesome concept to process, but that is what’s known as the Hunger Games. The Mocking jay was an unintentional accident created by the capitol. What is a mocking jay you ask, well it is a bird, but not just any bird, it’s a hybrid one.

It was mated with the species known as jabber jays that were created by the capital to work as spies during the rebellion between the 13 districts. In the movie, the mocking jay is represented as a pin, the golden token that Katniss wears to represent District 12 in the Games. It also represents Katniss who is much like the Mocking Jay herself. Though the mocking jay does represent District 12, it also represents Rue in District 11 who uses them to send song messages to her other teammates, but later teaches Katniss how when they team up against the other Districts.

Katiniss’s Mocking Jay pin doesn’t just represent the bird, but also a creature of free spirit and self will, symbolizing rebellion and resistance to be controlled. Katniss says, “ They’re something of a slap in the face to the capital,” because the jabber jays were meant to die off, but ended up mating with the mocking birds, which created a species that wasn’t supposed to exist. Much like the Mocking Jay, Tracker Jackers are another creature the capital created as an obstacle for the tributes. They were programmed to attack anything or anyone the disturbed their nest.

Although they look like normal wasps that we have in our world, they are larger and more dangerous. Katniss uses these to her advantage during the Games when Rue tells her to cut the tree branch so when their nest falls to the ground they would attack the tributes waiting to kill Katniss, as she was a threat to them. Katniss quotes in the novel “Most people can’t tolerate more than a few stings. Most die at once. If you live, the hallucinations brought on by the venom have actually drawn people to madness. Katniss envisioned hallucinations of butterflies, and terrifying images of her and her loved ones dying in horrifying ways. These stings are very painful and can be sore for many days if not treated immediately after it happens. Rue was a young girl whose name was drawn out of the bowl to represent District 11. She was shot with a spear to the chest and her death symbolized many things. Rue’s death showed just how wrong the Hunger Games really were, innocent children and teens being murdered for the entertainment of the districts and the sponsors.

The capital was furious by Katniss’s actions with Rue after her death, because she was grieving the loss of another districts tribute and that had never happened before. They wanted all their tributes to be fierce and to enjoy killing people to survive the Huger games and be crowned the winner. The horrifying thing is that they would go to such lengths to set them up for failure instead of seeing if they really had the skills to survive. Ultimately Rue represents innocence, inhumanity, and friendship.

The whole way Rue died and was treated after her death was a defiance to the capitol because a tribute isn’t supposed to show mercy toward another tribute. The berries were a symbol of rebellion and death. Peeta and Katniss found out there could be two victors, but only if both of the remaining tribututes were from the same District. Katniss took care of Petta so that he could win with her and they would be victors of the Huger Games. Once they had defeated to other tributes and were the only ones left, the capitol changed the rules and said that only one tribute could be crowned victor, meaning one would have to kill the other.

They really cared deeply about each other and didn’t want to have to live with the pain of losing the other, so they were going to both eat the berries at the same time and rebel against the capitol so they didn’t have a victor, but they allowed the star cross lovers to be the victors of the Hunger Games. But did they let them both win because they didn’t want to be stood up? Or did they let them both be victors because they thought given they are the star cross lovers it would give them more ratings and the audience would stay entertained? They really just let them become heroes in the eyes of the people of their District.

The sign of respect was when the districts pressed their three middle fingers of their right hand to their lips, and then hold them out to the people who you want to show respect and love too. District 12 gave this sign of respect when Katniss volunteered as tribute to be in the games, so her sister didn’t have to go. It can also be considered a symbol of defiance to the capitol because it was an old symbol that represented rebellion against them and it contradicts what they want to see and expect them not to show respect to districts besides their own.

Katniss quotes “It is an old and rarely used gesture of our district, occasionally seen at funerals. It means thanks, it means admiration, it means goodbye to someone you love. ” This sign of respect was most noticeably used after Rue died when Katniss used it to sign to district 11 her respect, and the district did the same, and then a riot started in their district because of the capitol allowing a child to be killed so viciously.

This really rocked the capitol to their limit, because during the whole games she was deifying the rules and she was always so kind hearted, but they were looking for a killer and someone who would get rid of anything that got in their way. Suffering in the Hunger Games was represented as the tributes having to battle each other to survive, and it is used as sort of a broad mass entertainment. This being said the more the tributes suffer, the more entertaining the games get, and keep their audience watching. The thing that draws the audience in is it’s voyeurism and vulgarity, is the children fighting and dying.

In the movie, Katniss talks about how the games have been successful and unsuccessful in the past, and one of the important ones is that the audience and capitol want to see the tributes fighting and not have them die so quickly because then they have no more entertainment to watch. This could also be tied to sacrifice in the sense that they all endure that physical pain at one point during the games, where the realization and fear of never seeing their family again terrifies them, yet they still keep persevering through the games because they want to try to win for their family, friends, and districts.

Hunger Games endorses the idea of survival of the fittest. The symbolism of survival is strength, and the power to overcome, which is why it makes it one of the most important themes represented in the Hunger Games. Most of the districts, who are much like a community, live in poverty, and have to do whatever means necessary to survive. and for Katniss that means hunting and then selling food illegally to support her mother and sister, because most of District 12 lives in poverty.

In the Hunger Games, the tributes must fight to the death in a dangerous outdoor arena that can be altered at anytime by the game makers, which brings survival back into the picture. In the Hunger Games, the number one thing they rely on the most is their sponsors because they are the ones who provide them with the food, medicine, and other things to help you make it through, but first you have to make the crowd like you. Katniss endured a lot of test of survival during the games, and even before she entered the games she had to deal with the threat of death, capture, and starvation on a daily basis.

She has an advantage though, because of constantly being on edge and fighting for survival, the adaption of spending weeks in the woods during the games wasn’t any different, yeah sure the stakes where higher, but she wasn’t completely out of her element, she knew exactly what to do to survive which helped her thrive in the games. Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger or pain without the fear and a symbol of bravery. Katniss takes a big leap of courage when she volunteers as tribute in place of her ister and realizes the possibility that she might not make it out of the Hunger Games alive. Courage in the games is having the guts to do something nobody else does, sacrificing yourself to save your family, and having no fears of what you are about to endure. If don’t have courage, you can’t have self will and determination. Of course not everyone who participated in the Huger Games had courage, some went in there without even caring and died within the first few minutes of the games. The broader point of courage is Katniss defines a large chuck of courage.

She defies the capitol throughout the whole games, teams up with Rue from District 11, and she also sets a memorial for Rue when she died, showing remorse for another districts tribute, which wasn’t allowed, and risking her life to get Peeta the medicine he needed to save his life, and almost getting killed. In some ways I guess courage also defines your fears. In the end of the movie, Peeta and Katniss make the capitol look bad because they are going to eat the Nylon berries to commit suicide because they didn’t want to kill each other, but they both cracked the capitol, slapping them once more, saying you can’t control us.

Children being turned into killers/murderers by the government is wrong in so many ways. While this display of violence is pressured with so much force, it seems as if there isn’t any “humanity” left in the world, but there is. Human compassion, and kindness are reflected in such a respectful way in the movie. Katniss bonds with Rue, the young girl who is in District 11, and guides her through the games and feeding her food so she doesn’t starve to death, but she dies tries when another district’s tribute trys to shoot Katniss, but hit Rue in the chest and she died.

Katniss grieved because she feared like she failed her, but this also showed her compassionate and humane side of her. Out of respect of her she placed flowers around her body and raised the sign of respect to District 11 for their loss. Inhumanity in this movie isn’t just the children having to kill each other, it is the capitol and the government controlling everybody in Panem and making them participate in such horrifying experiences at such young ages. What is that teaching them? That violence is ok, and that it’s okay to kill another human being and not have regret about it, because that is not what we want them to learn.

We want them to learn about treating people with respect. Humanity in the hunger games isn’t absent in the Hunger Games, it is just represented differently in ways we would have never tried to describe it in. In the city of Panem, the concept of democracy and the right of freedom are taken away and replaced with the extreme measures of a dictatorship. The government created the Hunger Games to remind the masses of the “Great Treason” they had committed by engaging in a rebellion and as punishment for their insubordination, they have to give the capitol a boy and girl from their district to participate in the games as tributes.

The whole nation of Panem is forced to watch the games, and watch their loved ones fight for their lives and die. The role of the government in the Hunger Games is a very complex concept to explain, because so many of the decisions and rules they have are horrifying to us in the fact that kids are being forced to be murders, even before they become an adult. Of course, this isn’t to say that the people who watch the Hunger Games aren’t to blame for the infidelity theses kids are being forced to make.

The author made it so that even the people are guilty along with the capitol for making the games so popular and let them keep continuing. It’s like in the real world when a show is really popular on the television they continue to make more seasons of it and if not they take it off the air. With that being said, if no one watched the games then they wouldn’t be popular and they would stop happening because it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone anymore. Patriotism in the Hunger Games is used in the wrong sense.

The people of Panem are forced to watch the games by the government and the capitol, but no one has ever stood up to them and tried to stop the games either. Instead, they show devotion to their country by watching the games and allowing the infidelities of innocent children being murdered in these unnecessary games. At any time they could stop them, so that children wouldn’t have to keep getting killed over and over again for entertainment, but they choose not to because they fear change. For us in this present day, killing children is horrifying and to them they enjoy it as entertainment.

The more the tributes are inflicted with pain or they die in a slowly but painful way, the games become more entertaining. The government says they are forced to have the games every year, but really they are just leaving in a big massive fear that if they quit having the Hunger Games, then something bad will happen to them, or their lives won’t mean anything anymore. Equality and Justice are definitely not rights given in the Hunger Games under any means. All children have the same chance of getting chosen to represent their district as tribute, but they can’t say no to anything or defend themselves.

Then they get in the arena, and the capitol picks who they want to set up for failure and try to put an obstacle in their path to see if they can survive it. Think about this, only children are chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, not adults, which isn’t showing equality towards every individual. Everyone isn’t treated the same in the games, everyone targets Katniss, even the capitol, because they know how familiar with the woods she is and that she is a really good hunter, and therefore see her as a threat to them and everyone else.

Justice is not served in the Hunger Games, because all those lives lost died fighting to kill others as entertainment to the government, capitol, and the people of Panem. Just the catch phrase Essie always says is a representation of not being equal “Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds ever be in your favor. ” Everyone should have the same shot at being crowned victor of the Hunger Games, but that didn’t stop Katniss, she kept persevering, even when the capitol threw curve balls at her to keep the audiences entertained.

Harrison Bergeron and Katniss Everdeen are very much alike. They both are very opinionated and they both are strong willed. They try to do what they think is right but get punished because it was the wrong thing to do. Harrison Bergeron was a threat to the rest of society, because he wasn’t equal to everyone else and was very intelligent. They put him in jail because they wanted to try to break him down to dumbness but it didn’t work and he tried rising again the government when he escaped from prison and got shot.

In comparison, Katniss Everdeen was a threat to all the other tributes because she had a lot more experience in the woods and knew how to hunt, as she did it on a daily basis and she defied the capitol many times because she didn’t want them telling her she can’t care about others. For example, Rue, they grew a friendship and started working together and Katniss hunted for food for both of them to eat but when Rue died she showed the grieving of the loss of another tribute, which was never allowed, because you aren’t supposed to be weak, you are supposed to be strong.

They differ in the way that Harrison Bergeron was trying to change the government that everyone had to be equal and the more intelligent had to be disabled, whereas in The Hunger Games Katniss was fighting again the capitol to prove a point of how wrong the games were and that everyone should be treated equally instead choosing one person to set up for failure. Their strategies compared because they both tried to rise up against the government to make a statement that needed to be earned.

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