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Hunger Games Essay Examples

Essay on Hunger Games

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Sociology of "Hunger Games"

This is an amazing film exemplifying the different sociological theories. There are so many aspects of this film that relate to our real life society, many exaggerated but still the underlying message of inequality throughout the social class is dead on. One can easily see the caste system of class differing among the Districts as well as the Capitol, the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. The...

The Hunger Games Task Sheet

1. Katniss was upset by Peeta’s proclamation of love because she thought it made her look weak. 2. Haymitch thinks it is good because it makes her look desirable. 3. Haymitch’s last piece of advice for Peeta and Katniss was ‘Stay Alive.’ 4. Their attitudes towards the arena are thinking on how it is going to change them and how they can stay themselves. 5. A tracker is a device that keeps ...

Anthem vs. Hunger Games

Although these two societies are supposed to be completely different from the one that exists today, in some ways they could be seen as having the same “controlling” effect on the citizens. In our government, citizens have numerous more rights than other countries can even think of having, yet all of us choose to all try to be the same. Why is that? Why do individuals all strive to have the sa...

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Hunger Games, Film Essay

Through Katniss’s character, Gary Ross has led the audience to see how natural human emotions have led Katniss to rebel. A rebellion against the regime ordered by the totalatarian government. When a young girl named Rue from district 11 is murdered due to a consequence of the games, Katniss comforts her as she would with her younger sister, Primrose, this positions the audience to feel sympathy ...

Social Criticism in the Hunger Games and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Nevertheless, Collins and Carroll make us aware of the fact that, even if we feel ourselves living in a modern world, we are still oppressed and in a way demand to revolt against this. Another startling fact, presented by both authors, is the way social pressure influences our identity. Especially children can have a hard time, confronted with so many societal expectations they have to fulfill. It...

Hunger Games Film Review

The acting exceeded my expectations, bringing the characters to life. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss is remarkable, her performance shows a wide range of emotions from happy to sad, afraid to angry and desperate to confused. Josh Hutcherson as Peeta expresses the seriousness and courage of the character well and Liam Hemsworth as Gale shows tremendous skill at expressing so much meaning with just sm...

Conflict in the Hunger Games

When Katniss volunteers as tribute for District 12, the district responds with a subtle form of rebellion which shows the conflict that exists between the districts and the Capitol. “To the everlasting credit of the people of district 12, not one person claps. I stand there unmoving while they take part in the boldest form of dissent they can manage. Silence. Which says we do not agree. We do n...

Hunger Games power of appearance

The burn cream she receives that enables her to be productive again is a gift from sponsors that see her potential because the way she has presented herself. Katniss understands that the events in the arena are all for show and her ability to portray herself in certain fashions allow her to be partially in control of this show. Her ability to hone her appearance to be one of love, strength, skill ...

Hunger games

I personally enjoyed this underdog story. The fact that the least likely winner of the games came out the winner makes the story great to me. I admire the bravery of Katniss for putting her life in danger to save her sister who I believe would have not survived the games. Another reason I like this book is because of the action and the fact that you must kill someone that might be your friend. It ...

Survival Through Harship - The Hunger Games

This makes us want to respect her and look up to her as a character. Collins gave Katniss a history of hardship to make her more likeable and respectable as a character, and also to relate her to other great historical figures. Nelson Mandela, for example, was faced with racial prejudice, but overcame those issues and soon brought faith and hope to manyaround the globe through his actions in South...

The Hunger Games

Cruelty, violence and death are the reoccurring themes in the annually televised show called Hunger Games. This could also be seen as an underlying theme throughout the novel. The wealthy class sees violence as good entrainment as some of the underprivileged class views cruelty as a ticket to live in a life of prosperity. The Districts refusal to condemn the Games may be seen as the citizens becom...

Literary analysis of hunger Games Book 1

When our children wrong us we forgive and still focus on their protection and safety. When our children are in danger we find amazing strengths we never knew we possessed to protect them. When they hunger we find a way to feed them. Most importantly we survive the harshest of times, overcome the greatest of obstacles and sacrifice ourselves to return to those who need us most. Katniss is no differ...

Hunger Games Evaluation

This book keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s full of action and suspense that makes you want to read more. In conclusion, I believe that the main character, Katniss, changes a lot from the beginning of the book, to the end. She learns to deal with her internal problems, and looks at life from the eyes of a totally different person. One can say that she has definitely matured. This book lef...

The hunger games book report

t are interested on these matters to consider them. The Hunger Games is more than a simple book that narrates another fictional story about a teenager. The themes reflected in this book are more profound and have a true meaning behind them. In my opinion, this book refers to an important aspect of life that we as citizens and human beings go through in daily basis, like is the great power or contr...

Hunger Games Book vs Movie

The book says that he lay there screaming and suffering for hours on end, the next morning is when he is relieved by Katniss shooting him in the head to end his life. In the movie She kills him immediately after they knock him off the edge. I was looking forward to him dying he was one of my least favorite characters. All in all the movie and book were both magnificent I would prefer reading the b...

Hunger Games Essay

Along with hunting skills and physical strength you also need to have mental strength. Katniss: “the Tracker Jackers begin to buzz and I can hear them coming out, back and forth, back and forth, the branch with the nest crashes down through the lower branches”. Sometimes you will just have to push through things, even if they hurt and in the end it will pay off, you just have to want it bad en...

The Hunger Games Analysis

The person that i am going to compare Katniss to is my mom. I chose her because my mom is a person who will help anybody in need even if she does not know the person as long as she is doing right.I remember my mom taking care of me and my brother while we were sick .Also she is a person that will do anything thing to save her family,just like Katniss when they chose prim to be in the hunger games....

Book Analysis: The Hunger Games

Katniss may have hunter’s instinct; kill anything or anyone who tries to harm the people she cares about. Katniss would risk her life for them. Even in the games, Katniss would not kill the one person who stood in her way of winning. Katniss shows what matters compassion and her humanity. Katniss shows she is more than apiece in their games (232). Katniss remembers what Peeta said on the Roof. P...

The Hunger Games Symbolism

The Mockingjay was a main symbol because of the friendship it showed between Katniss, Rue and Madge but also because of the rebellion that followed the first book. Bread symbolised life, love, sacrifice between Peeta and Katniss and is also the main staple food for the districts. The Capitol had a lot of important meanings which included cruelty, unfairness, unforgiveness and power. This book had ...

Hunger Games Themes

The idea that noble sacrifices must be made in order for survival of families and friends is a major thing in the Hunger Games. Three examples show this idea with runs throughout the novel. The first example it how Katniss got money for Pims goat. The second example is how Katniss sacrificed herself to save Peeta’s life. The last example is how Katniss volunteered for Prim as tribute. Collins ob...

Archetypes and the Hunger Games

After her training, Katniss gets in the initiation phase of monomyth. She ventures to the Capitol, where she must take part in the video games. Her fight with the other participants in the fights is her "road of trials", a series of tests she should undergo in order to change as a brave character. Katniss and her ally Peeta fight the forces of evil and lastly emerge as the victors of the Appetite ...

The Hunger Games and Reality TV

Editors can also make shows more interesting by combining clips to create drama. They do their job so well that it leaves the audience questioning every move on the show. The editors also take weeks and weeks of filming and squeeze it into a 45 minute show. In reality TV, the fictional part of the genre outshines the documentary part. Through the producers’ and editors actions the truth is alter...

Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay Book Review

A major symbol in Mockingjay is the “Mockingjay.” Katniss represents the Mockingjay, which symbolizes the rebellion against the Capitol. The jabberjay was a bird that was used by the Capitol as spies but was compromised by rebels. The Capitol had realized they were being fed false information by the rebels and were left alone in the wild where they mated with mockingbirds hence the name Mockin...

Review of Hunger Games Movie

This was likely done because of lack of funding and screen time. The Hunger Games did not have this problem probably because the story if more realistic than that of the magic conjuring, broomstick flying Harry Potter. There is little need for computer generated imagery (CGI) in this movie and the book is kept at a reasonable length so the movie did not have to compromise too much. This to me is t...

The Hunger Games (2012)

Hunger Games is about Katniss Everdeen, a young girl who lives in District 12. Her father died at a young age, and from then on she had to take care of her younger sister Prim and her shocked mother. She snuck out under the electric fence that borders the District, and hunted for food using her bow and arrow. At the Reaping, which is the time of day where they select the tributes, Katniss's sister...

Opening ceremony of Hunger Games

The 74th Hunger Games got under way in spectacular fashion today with a fabulous opening ceremony in the capital .The Hunger Games held once a year. The opening ceremony began at the City Circle, audiences were the most prestigious citizens of the Capital, they watched in the buildings that beside Circle. Tributes from 12 districts sanded on the chariots and stopped in front of the President Snow...

The Hunger Games Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins is the final book

If the success of a story depends on the author's ability to draw readers in, place them in the shoes of the characters and take them on a surreal, emotional journey, then Collins surely succeeds. Mockingjay easily paves the way for readers to easily read this book without the reader feeling burdened or overwhelmed by the outrageous realities of this horrific violence. But with all that said, Coll...

Control, submission and rebellion in the novels The Handmaids Tale, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Hunger Games and the film V for Vendetta

All four texts show a close relation between the way of life in the texts and our lives in the present time. The similarities and differences we have from the texts are a way of reminding us of what good we have in our lives today compared to the characters in the texts. In the case of The Handmaid’s Tale and Memoirs of a Geisha show that what we have as women should be treated as very delicate ...

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