Humor Essay Topics

Is Humor Persuasive

Humor can be one of the most effective tools to use with persuasion, as it can provide many benefits with very little cost or drawback. Some of the benefits of using humor to communicate an argument include increased attention span, an overall more enjoyable reading experience, not to mention the comfortable environment comedy will give… View Article

Life of Isaac Deutscher

Trotskyism is a theory by a German, Leon Trotsky who was a Bolshevik-Leninist and also a Marxist. Trotsky politics do not advocate for socialism but rather proletarian revolution in a country, proletarian revolution is a revolution whereby the working class work together to overthrow bourgeois. Trotsky’s followers are known as Trotskyist or Trot. The play… View Article


Humor is infection. The sound of roaring laughter is far more contagious than any cough, sniffle, or sneeze. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy. Laughter also triggers healthy physical changes in the body. Humor and laughter strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, diminish pain, and protect you… View Article

Sociology of Humor

Humor is an important part of everyday interaction. It serves mainly as a social lubricant that creates a lighter atmosphere between a speaker and an audience. Provided that it is not provoke offensive behavior, humor can be used as a first step towards building individual relationships. A more relaxed ambiance between people, in turn, is… View Article

Coetzee’s Use of Humor in Disgrace (1999)

After reading Coetzee’s novel (1999) and then the literary criticisms that followed its publication, the inevitable conclusion was that the many different interpretations of the novel demonstrated it reached readers in highly individual ways.  Indeed, it seemed that many of the criticisms were of different books.  The purpose of this paper was to focus on… View Article