Human’s Wisdom from Environment Essay

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Human’s Wisdom from Environment

The relationship between the Bangal tiger Richard parker and Pi Patel is the main focus in the novel ‘Life of Pi’.Their relationship are continually changing and it is the struggle for survival makes them need to change.A long time ago,human are weaker than animal as they don’t have strong body as animal .They do not have the sharp claws as Richard Parker does to protect themselves.However,as time going on ,human starts to dominate the earth by creating their own technology and weapon to protect themselves.The change of the relationship between Pi and Richard Parker can be seen as how human developed their skill from learning skill from the animals. In the beginning of the surivial adventure,Richard Parker is always the one who dominate the boat ,he can walk wherever he likes and to scare Pi to get off the boat because he has a much stronger power than Pi has.

However,at the end,Pi is actually the one who takes control over Richard Parker and force Richard to follow his command.He does it by using the method which our ancestors used before in history.He used his weapon for attack,turtle shells for defence and his whistles for calling people to come rescue.This can shows human’s wisdom over the animal. The other thing which interested me in this novel is how Pi can adapt the new environment so quickly,he losts a lot of thing that we think we need to use in our daily life,he doesn’t have a phone,map or anything to guide him the direction or call for help.However,he reverted to the animals ways which his ancestors did before.When he arrived on the island , he started to analyze the environment and realize that the water is acidic there and it is dangerous for him to stay there .

Also ,he marked down all the animal ‘s rountine.He learned some habits from Richard Parker and he did the same thing as Richard does.He adapt to become something Richard can used to live with.This remind me one extrodinary person in history which is Darwin.Charles Robert Darwin is an English naturalist.He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors.The thing amaze me is Darwin did the same thing as Pi does,both of them do journal to record down what they experience and learned.When we looked back to the beginning of the novel, the zebra couldn’t adapt because it was injured ,and become the first animal to dead .

Then the orangutan couldn’t adapt to the foreign environment so he was eaten by the hyena.Lastly the hyena couldn’t adapt to the new threat ,which is the tiger,therefore it get killed by Richard.However, for Pi ,he worked in zoo before so he know some of the animals behavior and that’s why he can prepare the protection for himselves first.This show s human can be adaptable to the nature as if they have enough knowledge of the environment and animal ,and the knowledge come from the analyze towards animal’s habit,that’s what make huaman on top of the food chain.

Of course,it is not necessary for us to go to an island and learned all those skills because we can learn those skill from our biology book now.We should really thankful for those people who does the research before.Throughout this novel,the author Yann Martel shows us what do we need to adapt through conflict,which can also apply to our life.When we have difficulty towards our life,we should not feel panic,instead ,we should keep calm and analyze the problem we have in order to find out the solution for it.

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