Humanities: Cultural Change Essay

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Humanities: Cultural Change

In Babcock’s book, he discusses the ways in which cultural change is influenced by various social pressures (2006). In looking to the concept of cultural change, it is important to note that the ways in which people are pressured within societies is able to be ethical, positive, and constructive as well as unethical, negative, and destructive. There are some people who believe that popular cultural change always flows in a constructive direction, yet without democratic discussion flowing from a moral and spiritual place, there is the ability for popular movements which are harmful for society.

It is important to recognize that cultural change is often merely the whims of popular ideological culture, rather than principled and faith driven movements of true justice. Cultural Change Cultural change is influenced by a wide array of people with a wide array of belief systems, and it is important to pay attention to the ways in which extremist and negative beliefs are able to creep into mainstream society.

The United States has always been mired in a pool of a variety of many splintered belief systems, and through these beliefs, mainstream culture has often changed in ways which are actually harmful to humanity. It is necessary for morally upright, faithful citizens to stand their ground in professing their spiritual and moral convictions, because without them, popular culture reigns, often without the consideration of God and the true ethical rights of humanity.

Conclusion Cultural change is often dominated by selfish and materialistic ideologies, ideas about freedom being equated with irresponsibility. The liberty loving culture of the United States needs to first and foremost recognize that true liberty stems from right action, from relational and social considerations. Without love and care for oneself and one’s neighbor, popular cultural changes are often merely greedy flights of fancy.

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