Human Transformation offers a wide variety of services that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Opening a health bar could give our company the upper edge in comparison to other gyms. First, we will use the direct channel to distribute our products to the consumer. Our clients can directly purchase our products from our health bar.

Food suppliers: Providing quality foods will ensure that our customers keep returning to our bar. Therefore, we need to choose suppliers that will cater to our customers’ needs and help us to establish credibility.

Advertisements: We can utilize social media platforms to help us attract new customers to our bar. Those that visit our SHT bar can help us get the word out by sharing and tagging our business. They can also recommend our SHT bar to friends and family.

Vending machines: It can be difficult accessing health beverages and snacks on the go. This would solve the problem because consumers don’t have to visit our bar to purchase our products.

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Also, it can drive our sells since vending machines tend to utilize impulse purchases.

Convenience Stores: This channel is similar to vending machines and would allow us to showcase our products. Convenience stores stay open very late, which means more people will see our products and for last-minute purchases to be made.

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