Human survival Essay

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Human survival

Wilson highlights the effects that the Homo sapiens have brought about in the world through what he refers to as a geophysical force, ranging from causing changes in the climate and the atmosphere to the modification of the fauna and flora. Besides, he reckons that in the history of evolution, it is only the human species that has tenuously advanced the complete mass in protoplasm. His claim that the human species’ destructive habits are maintained in their hereditary traits is credible.

Apart from being tribal and assertively territorial, this species is oriented by selfish reproductive and sexual drive. Our actions lead to water and air pollution, lowering of the water tables and extinguishing of other species. The human’s nature juggernaut theory moreover explains why global responsibility comes last since the genetic heritages have led to humans being egocentric. They swiftly react to daily life minor problems and conflicts but inhumanly to similar magnitude status and tribal security challenges (Wilson, 1996).

However, due to the exponential development in human populace and technology, the young generation has become more environmentally concerned than the older. Since they are in pursuit of better standards of living, they have intensified their scientific knowledge. This advancement has however led to more environmental destruction. Since humankind possesses intelligence and spirit, it has survived the ecological laws. However, these are not adequate to free this species from the natural environment’s constraints such as the almost exhausted resources and deteriorating atmospheric chemistry (Wilson, 1996).

To free ourselves from the suicidal accusations, we ought to keep off civilization dimensions that are a threat to the environment. We have to be ethical so as to protect our self-images. In various arenas, environmental issues are being addressed as a moral issue and this will aid safeguard the surroundings. Even demographic statistics have reflected positive responses to this issue. With these signs of stabilizing the global environments, chances of preserving the ecosystems that are surviving and micromanaging them for the benefit of humankind remain strengthened.

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