Human Sexuality Essay

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Human Sexuality

Teresita went to a fraternity party because she’d heard that this fraternity “really knew how to have fun” and she really needed fun after a disastrous academic week. She knew that some women had been taken advantage of at previous parties, but she put that out of her mind, as she downed one drink after another. Just when things were getting dull, the coolest guy on campus took her by the hand, led her upstairs and talked her into having sex. The next day, Teresita noticed that her vagina was bruised and bleeding. She barely recalled having sex, but knew who was responsible for her condition, and filed rape charges against him with the campus administrator.

Phillip was alone on the beach. Midnight was his favourite time of day, there were no other people around and he could really enjoy the sound of the waves and smell of the ocean breeze. He was almost asleep when he felt two women sit down next to him. One of them held down his arms while sitting on his chest. The other woman pulled down his bathing suit and began fellatio. In spite of his struggling and his anger, he got an erection. Both women took turns sitting on his erection, and left him when they were done. Phillip was confused — he couldn’t tell if he had been raped or not. He knows he didn’t want to have sex with these women he didn’t know, but can’t understand why he couldn’t fight them off (they were both smaller than him) and why he had an erection.

Monica is seventeen and has been having sex with guys since she was fifteen. Gary is twenty-one and heard that Monica was “hot stuff” in bed. They go out and have consensual sex. Next day, Gary’s friend tells him he raped Monica. Is Gary’s friend correct?

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