Human Services Essay

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Human Services

Human Services help provide essential resources for those in need. Dedication by advocates and human services workers help assist a wide range of social needs. Areas of focus are mental/physical control, self-sufficiency, and rehabilitation. The professionals that make up the human services industry are unique, their passionate about helping others. When working with clients it’s important to gain trust and relationship building is a must. Familiarity will help produce everlasting bonds and increase overall client progression.

I am passionate about raising the awareness and help prevent the revolving door of men going in and out of prison. The picture is very predictable as it is distressing about the revolving door of men going to prison. Once these men leave prison they come home with few new positive or marketable skills and more bad habits than they had before they went to prison. They have little supervision, which will show encouragement to these men that someone will hold them accountable to make sure they are during what they are suppose to be doing.

These men have a hard time finding gainful employment that they can take care of themselves. As a result, they fall back into the same behaviors that sent them to prison in the first place. Rather we believe this or not, the prison system is not to rehabilitate people, it is there to punish people for braking laws. All of this leads to high rates of recidivism and a virtual revolving door, with people going back into prison almost as fast as they leave it.

Be able to be a good advocate you have to be able informed those who don’t really know what it is you stand for. As an advocate about the resolving doors of prison I have to be able to present facts about why this happening to these men and what it is I can do to help slow down this ongoing crisis. For example, it is a known fact that every year that over 50% of every person that is release from prison will either catch a new case or return back to prison in Missouri.

The reason this is happening at a rapid rate here in Missouri is because there is not a lot of programs on the state level to help those who are being release to help with job opportunities, educational programs besides retaining a GED if you don’t have one, but after that a person has to make a decision on their own if they wish to further their education. So as an advocate of stopping the resolving doors, I will give the facts to those individuals that their chances of just making it on GED are slim to none. An advocate has to be proactive in what they believe in to get the results that will help those who they believe in.

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