Human Service Specialist Essay

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Human Service Specialist


In order to successfully assist a client as a Human Service Specialist, the specialist has to understand the different client and issues of those clients. One client base that the specialist will encounter is one that shows an unwillingness to seek help. In most cases when this client base will have this attitude due to, the challenges that they may face or are currently facing. Understand these fears early on will show the client, that the professional is aware and understands them, thus building a positive, effective relationship between the client and specialist. As the client, the feeling of having someone on their side that truly understands their needs is essential to building a healthy client/worker relationship. Along with the professional understanding the full concept of precontemplation, contemplation, preparing for action, maintenance, and how to prepare for action.


The primary goal of the Five Stages of Change, is to ensure the client is successful in life. Learning the client’s needs and how to assist them with those needs are very vital for the Human Service Professional. “As the interviewer assists the client to explore his discomfort in participating, a sense of trust develops between the interviewer and the client.” (Essential Interviewing) Enhancing the client’s level of confidence will be very beneficial to the client’s success when working through these changes. Monitoring the client’s success should also be taken into consideration. Knowing, what struggles the client face or may face, will assist the professional in knowing what area they need to focus on, in order to keep the client on track to reach their goals.

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