Human Resources Management Essay

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Human Resources Management

Human resource management refers to a series of human resources policies and the corresponding management activities. These activities include corporate human resources strategy, employee recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, compensation management, staff flow management, employee relationship management, employee safety and health management, etc. Namely: enterprise modern management method, is used to obtain (candidate), human resource development (education), maintain (retention) and using the () of choose and employ persons to plan, organize, command, control and coordination and a series of activities, achieve finally realize enterprise development goals of a management behavior.

“Person” is the most important assets of the organization, as well as a key element of competitiveness. Therefore, whether it’s agency, a government agency, or institutional investor pay more and more attention to talent cultivation, even invested large sums of money for education and training. The purpose of cultivating talents is organizational overall capacity development, to promote or maintain continuity and core competence of the experience. Thus, organization development and talent cultivation has direct and close relations, can even assert that an organization attaches great importance to develop and sustain the result, will lose their competitiveness, and face relentless elimination. “Training” development is the main mode of cultivating talents, and is the most widely coverage, the most far-reaching organizational function.

Competence in the developer, and then stimulate their potential, education training has an important contribution. Ability of each employee’s qualification, however, unable to adopt a set of universal nature of training methods, therefore, how to classify, in accordance with the “talent” planning and organizational development needs, and from the “knowledge”, “attitude”, “techniques” concerns curriculum design, the selection of competency of the lecturer, is the most important issues for each training professionals. In the 21st century today, the changes of economic environment, the change of social values, the explosion of the information and the progress of science and technology, in the challenge their training worker’s professional ability, only by constantly enrich and learning, to stay ahead, and to provide greater contribution to an organization, exert forces the key to cultivating talents, promote organization towards a more hopeful tomorrow.

The content of the human resource management:

(1) Job analysis and design. The nature of enterprise each work position, structure, responsibilities, processes, and qualified for this position staff’s quality, knowledge, skills, etc., on the basis of information obtained in the investigation and analysis, write a job description and job specification such as the personnel file management.

(2) Human resource planning. The enterprise hr strategy into long-term goal, plan and policy measures, including human resources present situation analysis, future prediction and balance of supply and demand, ensure enterprise when needed to get the human resources required.

(3) The employee recruitment and selection. According to the requirements of human resource planning and job analysis, recruitment and selection for the enterprise required human resources and employment arrangements to a certain post.

(4) Performance evaluation. For the employee’s contribution to the enterprise within a certain amount of time and work performance appraisal and evaluation, feedback in time, in order to enhance and improve employee’s work performance, and training for employees, promotion, payment and so on provides the basis for personnel decisions

(5) The compensation management. Including basic salary, performance pay, bonuses, allowances and benefits such as salary structure design and management, in order to motivate employees to work harder work for enterprises.

(6) Employee motivation. Using incentive theory and method, the various needs of different levels of satisfaction, or limit, cause employee’s psychological condition change, to motivate employees to the enterprise the desired objective.

(7) Training and development. Through training to improve individual, group and the whole enterprise’s knowledge, ability, work attitude and work performance, to further develop the intellectual potential of employees, in order to enhance the contribution rate of human resources.

(8) Career planning. Encourage and care staff personal development to help staff to develop personal development planning, to further stimulate staff’s enthusiasm and creativity.

(9). Cooperate with finance department, the establishment of human resource accounting system, to carry out the human resources cost of investment and output efficiency of accounting work, provide the basis for human resource management and decision-making.

(10) Labor relationship management. To coordinate and improve labor relations between the enterprise and the staff, for enterprise culture construction, build harmonious labor relationship and a good work atmosphere, guarantee normal conduct of business activities.

Upon the contents of Human Resource Management learning, I did some case analysis especially for the performance evaluation part.

Li is the head of a company’s production department, the department has more than 20 employees, and among them there are both production personnel and management personnel. The department is the queuing method, the assessment methods used for employee assessment once a year. Particular way is: according to the employee’s actual performance to its scale, each employee is highest is divided into 100 points, the superior grade 30%, colleagues rate accounted for 70%. During evaluation, more than 20 people, each other in order to determine the position of the employee. Li seldom communicate with their employees in the work problem, only in annual bonus distribution, to subordinate employees rated sorting.

Typically, This department had the problem on the evaluations.

1. The department for examination and assessment of the problems are:

(1) Evaluation method is not reasonable, lack of objective criteria. Assessment for production and management personnel, shall, first of all, the employee’s performance compared with objective standards, rather than the employees of just using the queuing method between subjective comparison methods.

(2) Evaluation method is not reasonable. Production personnel and management personnel of the nature of the work, working process and the results are fundamentally different, therefore, should adopt different standards respectively carries on the appraisal, and cannot be mixed in with each other.

(3) Evaluation, production personnel and management personnel should be with superior evaluation is given priority to, not with peer evaluation is given priority to, this will impact assessment objective impartiality.

(4) The lack of communication with employees at ordinary times, rarely to guide employees, it affects the objectivity of the evaluation results.

(5) The performance evaluation should be performed according to the steps, so as to effectively play the role of performance evaluation.

(6) Appraisal cycle is not reasonable. Production personnel and management personnel of the appraisal cycle is one year should not be, production personnel should be relatively shorter.

2. The causes of the problem is:

(1) Director li mou a lack of performance management related knowledge, not scientific and effective to implement performance management in this department.

(2) Performance management objectives are not clear. Fundamental purpose of performance management is to promote the common development of enterprises and employees, not just for the sake of bonuses.

Performance management occupies the core status in the system the function, other functions more or less are associated with it. Prediction within the organization human resource supply, the need for the existing staff of evaluation such as work performance, work ability, and these are part of the content of performance evaluation. Plans to hire are also associated with performance appraisal; we can compare the performance of employees from different channels, from the empirical conclusions, so as to realize the optimization of recruitment channels. Recruitment selection and performance management, there is a kind of interactive relationship between, on the one hand, we can according to the result of performance appraisal to improve the effectiveness of the selection process;

On the other hand, the selection result will also affect the staff’s performance, effective screening results will help employees to achieve good performance. As mentioned earlier, the present situation of the employees compared with the requirements of the job descriptions after can determine the content of the training, the employee of reality and how to get? Much of this draws on performance appraisal, so training there is a certain relationship between the development and performance management, in addition, training and development to help staff to improve performance.

When designing compensation system at present, most enterprises, staff wages are divided into fixed and floating wages salaries, fixed salary based primarily on salary to pay grade, floating salary is linked to employee performance level, so the result of performance appraisal can have a major impact on wages for employees, it is between performance management and salary management has established a direct link. Through employee relationship management, set up a harmonious atmosphere, this will help the employees to work harder, and helps to achieve performance improvement.

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