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Human Resources Information System

The new Human Resources Information System (HRIS) architecture will be congruent with the existing Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. Technical support will be directed and implemented from the San Jose office. Our proposal recommends a three phase approach to implementation. In the First Phase (1P), HRIS baseline requirements and increased Human Resource utility will be launched at the Riordan Corporate office in singular virtual network. Phase Two (P2) implements the HRIS baseline requirements throughout the United States. Phase Three (P3) implements the HRIS throughout the enterprise worldwide.

It is essential that P1 also incorporate a central database to for analytics and reporting. With the new HRIS all personnel information will be standardized and organized for easy retrieval.

Enhanced Human Resource functions such as climate surveys, payroll, complaints and employee evaluations will be centrally stored at a central server location. Access may be granted to employees at varied levels with management able to view only employees assigned to them, department heads able to access their departments HR information and senior executives and policy makers able to access all relevant HR information as identified by Riordan Human Resource and Executive management.

Additionally, all Riordan employees, regardless of the OS system utilized (Microsoft or iOS) will be able to utilize the Microsoft Office software, the basis for our HRIS.

Information Systems are only as good as the software they utilize. We have chosen software that is compatible with Microsoft Office software, most notably Microsoft’s HR iNTouch software and Apple’s HRWeb and iHR. These programs are user friendly, easily taught to new users, and easily deployed with Riordan’s current HR systems and have all of the HR functionality and tools necessary for a growing company like Riordan.

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(CipherPoint, 2012)

Riordan Director of Human Resources, Yvonne McMillan has requested that a beta-test be done at each level of the HRIS implementation to ensure that HR workflow does not stop at any level within the HR system. The personnel identified in Figure 1 will be acting as the virtual functional manager of each section. These personnel will be acting independently of the actual managers, testing the system throughout the process, identifying any problem areas, noting functionality and documenting areas of improvement.


HRIS architecture will include Database Management Systems (DBMS), web-based services, an HR intranet for faster and more secure HR internal management, Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and a fully automated back up of data to ensure zero data loss. The HR intranet will require no additional installation of hardware but will utilize a secure “tunnel” accessed through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which will secure the data and will minimize access to those within Riordan’s HR network. At this time the Riordan HR Department uses their Information System to track very basic employee information. The bulky and outdated software currently used by Riordan is memory heavy and bulky. The move to updated software can be done after regular work hours. Training on the new software should be done prior the to release of the new HR software. All employees in HR will need training to include, Managers, Recruiters, Employee Relation Specialist, Human Resource Personnel, and Payroll Specialists. All future upgrades and changes should be based on the employee feedback with greater weight being given to employees who use the new system more (something that is easily tracked with the new HR reporting software.

The proposed graphical user interface (GUI) was a standard setup, which can be easily manipulated and customized by the individual user. Department managers have the option of identifying applications in the software the all employees must have, ensuring that the HR baseline functionality is not hindered by customization. “The reputational damage done to a company that has been victimized by a breach can be significant, as we’ve seen that customers who have been victimized by a breach are more likely to blame the organization that was breached than the thieves that perform the crime,” said Mike Morelli, Director of BreachShield (Data Security, 2012). With a new Information System comes new Information Security issues, and this IS upgrade is no different. The cost of keeping pace with complex IT issues and the ever-expanding need for data security can drive even simple costs of upgrade to uncomfortable levels. It is recommended that Riordan outsource part of their Information Security (IS) needs to a qualified company.

Most companies in the United States manage their IS needs in-house, which requires specialists and a constant monitoring of emerging threats. We recommend several resident Information Security specialists to facilitate collaboration to an outsourced company specializing in Information Security. This will reduce cost and will not remove IS expertise from Riordan. Data Base Integrity must be included in the Information Security planning process. Security controls must include the DBMS (Data Base Management System), Identify security controls (Critical Assets) for Riordan HR system: Data Encryption, Transition Control, Backup and Recovery Protection. In summary, the Three Phase or 3P approach to implementation will make the process simple, testable, and easy for Riordan’s Human Resources department. The expanding needs of the growing Riordan employee pool and the complex HR tangle common to a multi-national structure can be easily handled by the 3P approach. Security of information, employee training, employee feedback and management oversight all play significant roles in our plan for the new and improved Riordan Information System.

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