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Human resource strategy

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Human resource strategy is useful to achieve objectives of HR and it also helpful in planning of employee work and it increases their performance. Using human resource strategy achieving way of organization goals and its objectivities is defined. By following strategy in HR planning, gives guarantee that employees can fulfill objectivities of HR but employees how they are doing their work must be checked. Strategy means a pattern, a plan to take action in specified time, a perspective and a position and it is also about narrowing process of business focus.

Strategy is planned based on situation and expected output at all times.

Coming to HR strategy, it is designed by keeping HR department functionalities in mind. HR strategy defines contribution of people in organization plan. By focusing on objectives of organization, if all time employees perform its operation then number of mistakes will be reduced in its work. 3. 2 Organizational leadership Organization authorities must have perfect idea on strategy preparation and they should learn components of strategy very well.

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Organization HR managers and HR professional must have enough knowledge about their organization, with this help then can design good human resource strategy which is useful to organization.

By applying strategy in human resource, organization have good ending in its financial success. Now in present environment, every organization is facing some illegal obligations in its operational business activities. But for every organization its important assets are its technical and financial strength and organization must use these assets in efficient way. In non-profit organizations, in cost effective way specific services and needs are provided to intended groups and target group satisfaction must concentrated by these organizations.

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In organization, HR professional must familiar with change management, negotiation, finance and whole organization operations. Because HR managers are main who can implement and develop HR strategies in efficient way. 3. 3 HR Core Competencies In human resource strategy, developing forms of HR core competencies is main part. Some of core competencies are mentioned below.  HR management and its leadership skills.  People management skills. Skill development process quality is known by feedback of 360- degree systems.  Strategic plan designing skills.

In knowledge management appeared competencies  Efficient staff hiring, their motivation and retention skills. Recruitment, employee development and motivation and employee retention skills are considered as core competencies by some organizations. And some government organizations come under this organization category. Organization competitive advantages are improved by core competencies of that organization by that in market, organization value will be increased. In core competencies, human resource skills improvement is important task and that is obtained by giving strategic training to employee in their development. 3. 4 Necessity of mind set change.

Some organization knows that people are main assets for their organization. But some manager in organization they don’t know contribution of HR issues in organization success. People strategic are designed and implemented well based on work of line manager and HR manager. So, people must agree with statement that HR function is main contribution for success of organization business activities. In human resource strategy existed choices information is presented below:  Choice is existed between capability strategy, functional strategy and result strategy shows in human resource strategy preparation.

In traditional HR administrative activities performance, functional strategies can apply.  Strategy is concentrated on HR activities and by following which way these activities can fulfill will be found by using these strategies.  Related topic in this choice is capability strategy. So many organizations are at strategic development stage. In this strategy, employee competencies are considered and it includes employee performance in their job.  Beyond capability strategies, many organizations processed their activities.

To face new challenges and business entities pressure, result strategy is necessary. In United States, some government agencies concentrated on result strategy and it describes implemented HR activities performance and on bottom line their contribution measures.  Because of some reasons result strategy development is stopped. Those reasons are mentioned below: o Due to competition for skilled workers and globalization, competition among organizations is increased. o In dynamic environment business competition complexity is increased.

o Organization work force environment is affected by new labor laws introduction. o From stakeholders and customer side, high expectations are presented. 3. 5 HRM strategy aims Main aims of Human resource strategy are mentioned below:  Give guarantee that for any organization, ultimate resource is people which is recognized by business planning  Ensure that in human resource strategy planning involved people have knowledge on HR proposals, its implications and constrains  Perfect match must be existed among corporate business objectives and HR function objectives.

Bring corporate business process and culture which help people in their jobs to perform tasks in better way.  To face coming from other organizations, organization must have resources which can satisfy and face challenges.  Make sure that contribution of organizational resource develops competencies of people.  Performance requirements must be determined to reach objectivities of organization and people performance in satisfying those requirements. Employee commitment levels must be determined and ways must be defined to improve these commitments. 3. 6 HR strategy outsourcing.

Increasingly many organizations are using HR strategy outsourcing but what part of HR is outsourced must be alert. For example, recruitment activity in organization can be outsourced but it is better to arrange final round in interview by organization HR people before selecting candidates who are recommended. In some organizations, pay roll system is outsourced but it is very careful area in managing people. But before taking decisions consequences must be taken into consideration. Some organizations, implement strategies in their human resource management.

But this movement improves organization activities performance and it won’t slow down. Human resource strategy is natural progression which gives better way in human resource transformation, HR management in transforming resources of organization. By using this mechanism in organization, success and profit will be gained by that organization. Result strategy implementation must achieve by organization. Otherwise, organization must study procedures to achieve this strategy and human resource role. http://www. strategic-human-resource. com/human-resource-strategy. html 3.

7 Human resource management at organization level Many aspects are provided for human resource management in organization level. But some organizations don’t improve starting points. This case is caused because of not having good team or departments in organization and human resource management is responsible for this issue. With human resource management ownership, having number of staff is gives many benefits. For example:  Up to date information in provided to organization on legal issues.  Regarding procedures, strategies and policies, coordinated approach will be issued.

Relating to staff, good advice is accessed by staff  Salaries are consistent and fair  Good procedures and policies are existed  Up to date job description will be presented. A line and staff manager uses this provided information in performance expectations and its success rate also measured.  Recruitment process is conducted which can hire good knowledge people.  Staff induction and briefing are designed and implemented in good way  By implementing human resource management in organization, staff feels they have good values and they are encouraged to survive in that organization.

Some organizations have its own teams in human resource management. But in this case, permission must be granted from leadership of organization and organization chief executive board officer also included in organization leadership. But benefits of human resource management must inform to those leadership persons by that they can understand its importance. Some sponsors are presented generally to give funds for activities of human resource management. 3. 7. 1 Human resource management improvement preparation Before considering management of human resource, two things are taken into consideration.

Vision, values and mission of organization  Structure of organization 1. Vision, values, mission and purpose of human resource management Based on vision, values, mission and purpose good human resource management is presented. Vision is nothing but motivating staff in organization. Whether all staff is working towards organization aim or not is known by its purpose. Needed works are done by organization mission. It is impossible to done work without mission and job description is also provided by mission. Needed staff and working ways of organization are described by values of organization.

Before improving and reviewing human resource management, all above mentioned issues must be identified.  Vision: in vision by using which aspects and activities, organization can give its best output is described. If organization is compared with world, best example for vision will be “world without hunger”.  Values: organization related standards are presented in values. Organization identification is performed by its values and values influence organization activities. Organization is differing from other organization by using its values. Examples for values are: humility, commitment to god.

Mission: to identify people in organization, for what type of things organization should commit itself. People serving and its way must be identified by organization. Examples for mission of organization are supporting and enabling frames, in our country hunger is reduced through training.  Purpose: in purpose to do which type of things organization established is discussed. Purpose is contributed to organization vision. Example for organization purpose is “To increase food production to help people”. 3. 7. 2 Structure of organization Structure of staff in organization must be considered by management of human resource.

It is helpful to draw a chart of organization which shows staff positions and line management. This chart: Grading system is made easily to develop and enable smooth recruitment process.  By one manager how many people are managed is understood by following chart. No is better to have eight people in single manager control.  Using this job titles are maintained in consistent manner. For example, ‘manager’ title will be given to senior officers who are presented in organization. It shows overlaps and gaps in position within organization. Fig: example figure of organization structure 3. 7.

3 Grading, benefits and salaries In this section, offered benefits for staff, staff salaries and their grading jobs are discussed. Based on work return salaries and benefits are offered to staff. Salary makes a feeling to staff that how they are honored in organization is represented by their salary. In attracting people, salary and benefits play vital role in organization and it encourages staff to stay on organization. It is better to have appropriate and fair salary level to staff based on their good work. So, without considering work, offering salary and benefits to staff is not a good decision.

Salaries: salaries are related to specific job that staff doing. For example paid salary to manager is more than paid salary to administrator. Benefits: mostly benefits are applied to all staff based on their contract with organization. For example, for permanent staff, various types of benefits are provided than fixed term, casual contracts and temporary staff. Grading and salaries: When considering salary of staff into account, three things are considered into account. With grading structure of organization, salary should be in consistent form.

Salary higher level is depended upon higher level of grade. By this concept equal pay will be paid to equal work.  Fairness should be maintained in salary. For similar work and job, what pay is paid by other organizations to their employees.  Transparent system must be maintained in salary and grade for easy understanding nature. Means by this statement staff can know paid salary is fit with overall grading system of organization and salary structure of that organization. With help of transparent system, fairness and consistent are followed and by this staff will give preference to organization.

For a job to set salary four steps are followed by organization. 3. 8 Write Job profile: In job, involved things are considered into account. By this job profile will be designed. Below job profile guidelines are mentioned by taking driver as an example. 3. 8. 1 Job profile for driver job: In this two things are included. One is job description and other thing is person specification. In job description involved things are:  To the logistician reports are submitted  Giving guarantee that vehicle is maintainable To specified locations drives staff safely  Conducts collects items, errands.

In person specification following things are included:  Driving license should have cleannessIn rural years two years driving experience must have  Polite, accommodating, patient and punctual  Careful driving and driver should know driving policies good safe. 3. 8. 2 Evaluate job Job profile is needed to set job. To get this systematic scoring job method can be used so by that they can compare with other which gives consistency and fairness. Human resource management department member takes responsibility of job evaluation and job line manager also included in this evaluation.

Between department member and manager, they should have good knowledge about organization and job. Below one system design is mentioned which is used every organization to evaluate all jobs. 3. 8. 3 Designing system In job profile assessment three criteria are used. But used criteria may be differed based upon organization. But three example criteria are mentioned below.  Skills level: for job, required skill level must be considered. Responsibility level: in job person responsibility how much level is included also considered such as other staff members and financial responsibilities management.

Representation level: externally up to which level organization is represented by person in particular job. 3. 8. 4 Method of evaluating job Evaluation will be started from first column of table which represents responsibilities. Appropriate grades must be given based on responsibility. This process is applied for representation and skills also. To total number of points three points are added to above criteria and those are representations, skills and responsibilities. 3. 8. 5 Assign grade In grading process, first step is job evaluation by giving score.

Job evaluation is ensured and become effective and fair by comparing evaluate job with other jobs in organization. After job evaluation, identification of score and result is compared with grading structure of organization. During job evaluation, gained score is important in grading structure. Higher grade job have more points when compare with lower points grade. According to organization job families names are varied. Establishing of grading structure is evaluated by contacting staff in organization which reflects its purpose, needs and values.

For each criterion four levels are available and each level gives certain number of points. Some points are given by lower levels of representation, skills, responsibility than criteria high levels. Organization gives importance to responsibilities rather than skills so, responsibility is having high preference. 3. 8. 6 Job evaluation methods After comparing score of job evaluation with grading structure of organization, necessity is presented in assigning job to lower or higher grade that score indication in order to provide job consistency with other jobs involved in organization.

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