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Human Resource Management Dilemma

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (763 words)
Categories: Employment, Human Resource Management, Training And Development Of Employee
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This is why companies look to hire people from the outside. They do this because they are looking with people who will bring unique skills to the company. Also, it can give the company new ideas and new energy for the work place. The article states that “the thought processes are common among workers and bosses, and a new study shows how they play out. The study, by Matthew Bidwell, an assistant management professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, found that external hires, on average, make around 18 percent more money than internal employees with similar positions.

I found this statement to be a very interesting point when it comes to the debate on whether or not to hire or not from the outside. It definitely shows that the numbers are better for profit, so that is definitely a big positive when it comes down to the question for managers who ask should they hire externally?

However, later on in the article it states that in that same study, they perform less well in the first two years and are also more likely to leave or be let go.

This is why companies don’t hire from the outside, because it takes to long for the employees to get use to the company they were hired at, rather then the one they were doing well at previously, this is one con of hiring from the outside. There are many other disadvantages about hiring from the outside as well. One of these factors would be it increases the chances of the work place morality to drop. What I mean by this is that if the people in the work place of the current company they are at hire other people for positions they are qualified for, this would possibly tick people within the company ff, and maybe even question those people if they should stay with the company or not. I remember you gave an example in class about how you were brought in for a company and one employee even confronted you and said how you took his job. This can definitely make the work place very uncomfortable for employees at the job. Just because a person did good at their current job does not mean they will automatically do good for the new company that hires them.

The new employee will have to adapt to the new culture of the company and this can be very hard for new employees. Also, giving employees a chance to be promoted if they work hard is a benefit of hiring from the inside. This incentive definitely gives people something to work hard for and try to earn. I know for me, I don’t want to switch jobs a lot and if I were working at a place I would love the opportunity to keep moving up in the company if I was working hard.

The article talks about how people within the company know the “do’s and don’ts of the company. ” New people that companies bring in are unaware of what to do in certain situations and probably don’t have a very good idea of what the company is about compared to people that work within company. I definitely understand about what companies are trying to do from the outside, but some companies are blind to the fact that it will take a while for the new employees to gel in with everyone and the work place of the company.

Overall, of course there is many benefits that include hiring from the outside, which include fresh skills and ideas. But the article states that Professor Groysberg says employers need to be much more strategic about hiring so that the organization has the right mix of old and new. This is a very important statement due to the fact that a company must decide is it really important that they absolutely need someone from the outside rather than someone who is already working there already?

For employees that put in their two weeks because they are unhappy with the company hiring from the outside, the article has a very good solution for this. In the last meeting, it is important to ask what can we do to keep you here. Most of the time, people will say a raise. A good answer to this question would be we understand you want that but we don’t know if that’s possible, what else can we offer to you that is important to you? Answers like these will definitely help people from quitting to staying at the company.

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