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Human resource management activities in healthcare Essay

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There are many external and internal factors that might affect the health care organizations; however they are more likely to be affected by external forces that in turn affect their daily operations. Some of the factors that affect the human resource department of a healthcare organization are mentioned below. • Economic factors • Social and cultural changes • Technological changes • Legal changes HR planning and analysis

Premeditated planning is a procedure that allows the health care associations to direct their future actions utilizing the resources that are accessible to them while keeping in mind the goals of the organization.

There are some internal and external strength that have to be taken care of by the association and then a SWOT Analysis should be carried out. Some of the advantages of Human Resource planning are that it permits effectual use of workers and assists to replace the significant vacancies that have to be filled.

Furthermore, planning suggests realistic recruitment projections, facilitates the staffing resources to be utilized more proficiently and efficiently and it also allows a improved focused investment in training and retraining, growth, career counseling and efficiency enrichment and also assists to uphold as well as to get better the level of variety.

Human Resource planning is a very fundamental part of premeditated planning in addition to strategic HR planning, it assists to examine and classify the need for and accessibility of HR so that the association can meet its goals. Pynes, 2004).

Projections aids in appraising the current condition and to estimate future demand and affairs by looking at the history trends of the association and is significant for the associations in a way that it assists to predict the retirement plans of the staff whereas the demand estimate helps to foresee the labor force that would be required in the future. EEO compliance EEO stands for equal employment opportunity and this expression was shaped by President Lyndon B. Johnson when he marked Executive Order 11246 on September 24, 1965, formed to forbid federal contractors from discerning against workers on the grounds of race, sex, creed, belief, color, or nationality. Recently most managers have also added sexual compass reading to the directory of non-discrimination. The Executive Order as well required contractors to put into practice affirmative achievement plans to augment the contribution of minorities and females in the place of work.

Pursuant to federal policy, affirmative achievement plans must comprise of an equivalent opportunity plan statement, an examination of the existing work force, recognition of problem areas, the establishment of objectives and schedules for mounting employment prospects, definite action-oriented plans to tackle problem areas, support for society action plans and the establishment of an internal audit and reporting structure. (EEOC, n. d. ). The reason why employment opportunity equal is important is because it is morally a right way to conduct oneself in the workplace, moreover it also helps in making the business prosper.

The way that I move toward civil rights laws and employment civil rights laws, is I in fact think that they are all connected, they are all civil rights laws, anti-discrimination laws in the place of work, whether anti-discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, disability, age, creed or nationality they are all entrenched in the similar bedrock standard and i. e. , that individuals should be judged in the place of work, based upon their capability to carry out the job and not based upon the threats, myths and typecast that one may have because of their race, or gender, or disability, or age, belief or nationality.

That is in fact the unifying feature of all of the regulations in which the EEOC puts into practice and imposes, I think that is really significant that is both rising out of my own personal understanding and what I feel is right; that people should be judged based upon their ability to do the job… and that’s really the very simple core of what we do. And if you sort of take that notion, that principle, one step further, or take it one step, it makes business better.

To the extent that you’re making employment decisions in the workplace, whether they be on the basis of hiring somebody for a job or promoting somebody for a job, or treating somebody on the job, you ground those workplace decisions in the ability of that individual to do the job, rather than on a stereotype, or a fear, or a myth, because that person is from a different race than you, or a different religion, or looks different, or is older, or doesn’t walk, or moves around or communicates in a different way from you.

If you base those workplace decisions, upon the ability of that individual to do the job, you will get the most qualified person. You won’t let internal biases, or fears, or myths, or stereotypes get in the way of selecting the best qualified person. Therefore I think, it is in best interest of the business to strip away those typecasts, those threats and those myths, in order to obtain the best competent person, because then company will really be improved. The Quotations page, n. d. ). Other considerations Some of the other considerations the human resource management in the health care organizations has to take care of are staffing, development of employees, compensation, health, safety and employee and maintaining labor management relation. Staffing The HR department must ensure that a fair selection policy is being used when hiring a candidate and everyone should be given an equal opportunity.

Moreover, the job should be made available for every person who has the potential to do it and for this both internal and external recruitment should be opted for. Other than this, it is also essential to provide clear job criteria for the vacancies that are being announced by the human resource department of a healthcare organization. Full supervision must be done to ensure that the right candidate has been hired after which training should be provided to him. (Shi, 2006).

Development of employees Health care organizations should invest in training to augment individual performance and organizational productivity, moreover it should also focus on developing management skills/development and supervisory skills, technical skills and communication skills and provide training to the employees who are new in the organization especially the ones who are working or are hired for lower-level positions in order to augment their performance.

Compensation This comprises the wages and bonuses, vacation payment, sick leave payments, recompense of the staff and insurance policies, etc. , it is HR Department that is in command to expand and to direct the benefits compensation structure for the workers that serve as an incentive to promise the staffing. Their objective does not just come to an end after staffing but they also have to work on retaining workers and make them stay on with the organization.

Once the employee is hired, it is the duty of the benefits coordinator to explain the benefits and the incentives the employee can expect from the organization so that the employee is aware about it in the beginning and he does not get discouraged later onwards. Health and safety It is essential for the organization to ensure safety of employees at the workplace and the health care organizations must their employees’ health and medical benefits and the employees should be given free medical services. Employee management relation and Labor management relation

It is essential for the HRM at the healthcare organization to avoid any kind of discrimination in context with the age, gender, race or religion of an employee and it is basically the duty of the HR department to take care of this so that fair treatment is given to each and every person. Moreover, the HR department must also provide the assistance of negotiation in case any issues arise between the employees working at any level in the organization in order to ensure a healthy work environment. In the same way, the HR department also has to manage the labor and have good terms with them as well. (Leat, 2001).

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