Human resource management Essay

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Human resource management

People believe that technology enhancement can play a vital role in replacing people with machines, but these people are the one, to invade those machines. Human resource is an important area in an organization as it deals with different departments of the organization such as finance department etc. Without hr management none of the organization can achieve a repetitive position. In today’s world, changes are taking place in hr management due to trends in globalization. Invention of new technologies, diversity, e-business that is e-commerce and ethics (Haslinda, 2009).

Globalization is a process in which regional economies, societies and culture become integrated. In the second half of the 20th century globalization takes a great part in enhancing the economic expansion of the global economy. Globalization has completely changed the environment of the business. With globalization, barriers to entry will not be able to restrict new entrants in the market. Due to this fact, companies will not have to restrict themselves with a single prediction plant, in spite of it, they can move from a single market to another market with lower transportation and communication cost. Due to this multinational corporations are taking advantages to set monopolies in the market. Competing in the global market is very difficult, so to face such kind of competitions hr should be properly centralized and should be in practice. Efficiency of the employees plays a great role in managing and controlling the hr department. In human resource management the staff which is required should be talented, creative, innovative, understandable, trained properly etc to meet the requirements of the globalization (Rajar and Shah, 2010).

In early century, when there was no HR department, people use to make the best use of the technology, which was available at that time like telephone, typewriter, time clock etc for managing all departments properly. But with the advancement in technologies and with the inventions of other computerized base technologies, the hr started to take benefits from it. They started to manage and use the database. They use different technologies to deal in different areas of work like interactive voice response, local area networks, optical character recognition etc. (Frantzreb, 2010).

Diversity is the policy of encouraging people coming from different backgrounds.

Diversity management is adapted by different workplaces in order to make changes in different work styles. Companies use diverse work force because different people are specialized in different fields (Mortan, 2009). If some one is specialized in a particular work and continues it for a longer time periods then he will definitely get bored with his work one day and he will also not enjoy in doing his work which will result in the downfall of the company. Therefore, people will work inefficiently and will not enjoy their work. So, diversity should be adapted because it will motivate people towards hard work. Companies uses diverse work force for increasing efficiency and to achieve companies goals and a higher position in the market. It has many advantages; one of the main advantage of diversity management is that it enhances the skills and talent among employees and staff having different ages, countries, race, gender etc. Every one is treated equally. And employees feel more secure and began to work more effectively (Taton, 2010).

E-Business is the application of communication technologies, which manages different departments of business and manages all the activities of business. Changes in e-business obviously effect human resource management, which includes compressed technology cycle, higher demand, more dependence on higher speed and always demand for higher service etc. To maximize the benefits of e-commerce some different methods of e-business should be adopted by different organizations. Company should create a strong team for decision-making. And the team must include employees from different departments (Nelson, 2001).

There are different departments in every organization and different people in hr department manage each department efficiently. Human resource department manages the organization by first finding the place where they want a new employee, then they find what kind of workers they will need, then they will take interviews and select. Hr manages all the employees by giving them motivation by compensation and by increasing their salaries. Every organization must have a hr department. The role of human resource management is changing day by day in different trends like globalisation, diversity, technology, ethics and e-commerce.

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