Human Resource management Essay

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Human Resource management

Question 1

a) Elements of integrated motivation program

Source of motivation is that of using rewards and gifts in order to inspire employees in an organisation. Research indicates that rewards should not be very big inducements but the small gifts given to anybody is well appreciated. In most cases, people would want to know if their work has made some difference and therefore provision of such rewards is encouraged in order to motivate the employees. (Cullen and Parboteeah, 2005).

The other factor is of job security which is the primary driving force an employee centers on while working, it is the ability to retain the job for as many years as possible. When an employee is confident of his or her job security at the workplace, his performance is far much better than a case where he or she is not sure of being retained in the next year. With job security an employee will know that at the end of month he/she will be paid thus becoming motivated (Fiddler, and Atton, 1999).

The other factor is pay satisfaction whereby research indicates that people don’t work unless they receive pay work done as a motivator which is therefore the key to employee satisfaction. Managers normally use financial rewards to improve their worker’s performance. Good salaries equally translate to better work. Every worker would want to continue working for an organisation  which pays him or her well. (Armstrong, 2006).

Safety in the work environment is another key motivator that organisation s should embrace in order to retain and attract employees. People who feel safe in their working environment tend to perform better than those who don’t. Safety can be in the form of human-machine relations and human-human relations. (Armstrong, 2006).

Flexibility to balance life and work issue is another key factor that should be adhered to in the workplace. Proper coordination between the work issues and personal life is necessary to balance both. Overworking and work stress usually affect human healthy both in social, mental and physical terms. (John and Keith, 1997)

Another way of motivating employees is through praising them; for instance if they have fulfilled their undersigned tasks effectively. The firms’ management can strategize by ensuring that they keep the records of the performance of employees. Any employee who shows commendable improvement can be praised in the organisation al weakly, monthly and also the annual meetings. The other benefit which acts as source of motivation is that of house allowances for example given according to ones job scale in many firms.

Another way that organisation  may want to consider improving on their already exemplary employee benefits and rewards package/programs would be to include the option of adoption leave as well as maternity leave as a more standard option to be included in the employee benefit package.

Implementation of the motivation program

The focus of an organisation  in implementing a motivational program is on the importance of their employees to the overall customer satisfaction experience and they feel that in order for their customers to be happy, that they must have happy employees.  This may be true, but the degree of employee satisfaction with their possible benefits packages is highly controversial.  Employee rewards programs start out at a basic level and work their way up to some of the most intricate and extravagant of employee benefits packages, leaving the employee with the thought that everyone in the organisation .

There are a number of great employee rewards packages available for implementation.  Every employee from the guards in the vault and clerks at the office to the executive vice presidents is eligible for these employee rewards packages.  The incentive programs are of course among the most prestigious and difficult to attain rewards, but they are open to all employees in a fair organisation .

Question 2

a) model of group development and stages in group development

Groups formed to do a task or project die when the work has been complete. There will probably be a period of grief when members mourn the passing of what was a significant, gratifying moment. Groups that have a permanent mission change. But in some cases those members who continue breaking the rules and regulations of the group are forced to leave the group (Tropman, John E. 1996).

The group structure should be gender sensitive. The positions of the group should be shared equally amongst the group members. The leaders should be elected/ chosen depending on their qualifications and their ability to perform to the expectations of the other group members (Jefferson, Thomas, 2001).

On the group cohesion and development, the members should work together as one team and this is the reason why they came together. In a group that does not operate as it, one can see people performing roles that apparently suit their purposes but act against the groups interests. They should set clear their objectives and know where they are going instead of involving themselves in issues that might hinder their development (Kennedy, T 2002). No members should be allowed to influence in any decision making as this will create many groupings in the group with their different leaders. This must be avoided at all costs because the group will break. Power should not be wielded on one person or some individuals because it will lead to misuse of power and resources. This will be the downfall of the group. Power should be with the people and not with the individuals; this is where democracy is put into test (Cummings, C. 2000).

b) actions for effective team building

Communication is very important for group dynamics and this fosters collaboration and support of each. The mode of communication helps to create a good understanding and the relationship is fostered. If communication is misinterpreted  there be disharmony in the work group and organisation s goals may not be achieved. To build and maintain a team, its members must be willing and able to communicate with one another in ways that reflect openness, trust and respect. Successful groups insist that group members willingly share timely information about development occurring throughout their group, except what is labeled confidential. Members should show a collective behavior when handling important matters of the group. Members have to come up on Dos and don’ts of the group and agree on how they should act and behave when a certain issue arises (Toseland, R& Rivas, R. ,2005).

Groups should be flexible to change with the changing time. They should embrace the new technology and create more look for its members do develop Members should know that change is good than nothing else. It comes along with different packages which will help the group to prosper further (Gideon F,2001).

Therefore in order for one to understand the performance of groups he must understand how the group operates its loans and responsibility to members and what is expected of the members. Because the behavior of members is usually regulated by the rules set out by the members. Benefits that accrue from group work will not be possible if the group does not have defined roles where the teams’ characteristics are well identified and are well defined including the effects of team dynamics on the team.

Each member of the group should be playing a role that is well defines within the group’s constitution or rules and regulation. In group dynamics communication breakdowns are not good for the team to function properly. It undermines the ability and efficiency of the team therefore proper communication channels should be put in place to enable team leaders to steer their teams to prosperity. In hospitality sector group and team work are important in delivery of services to the people. If there is a breakdown in the channel of communication and it becomes a disconnection in team work the industry or the firm in question will only be left to the mercy of the outside world (Jefferson, Thomas 2001).

Question 3

A) methods of conflicts resolution

A conflict arises when a decision could not be taken or when the problem could not be cracked. This leaves both the parties stranded and thus begins the blame-game. In such a situation if one empathizes with the other (Conflict Resolution Network, p.1) and both in a constructive argument try with the alternatives each posing for one the result would be enriching with an easier and faster way to solution.

Anger management is the vital key to conflict management. Anger always spoils a well intended movement towards conflict. It makes one so cocooned so as to forego any logic and rationality. It is important to communicate as an effective communication keeps conflicts from going out of hands. Mere exchange of words or gestures sometimes might not help when the parties have to delve deep into the roots of the conflict.

Sometimes instead of high-level diplomatic talks, a mere friendly discussion might just save the day. Positive gestures can work wonders in saving a failed relation or in negotiating a deadlock. Many a times we hear of industrial lockouts and disputes. Conflict management can also be done with the help of a mediator who is the 3rd party. The mediator helps the parties in conflict by showing them their blind spots, broadening their perspectives and helping them through the process of problem solving.

The mediator helps in the process of problem solving by 1.listening carefully to the problems of each and every person involved. 2. Developing an interest in the minds of the people for solving the challenges and obstacles via dialogue process. 3. Exploring and improving the means of communication between the parties involved. 4. Helping out the parties in joint sessions. It has often been found out that there is nothing better than to let a person vent his emotions during a session. A good mediator will never interrupt anyone during this process for he knows that after the venting is over, the person will feel a bit relieved at being able to ventilate his grievances and participate more effectively in the mediation process.

If conflict management could be implemented professionally in every walk of life be it social, economic, political and religion the whole of the human race would benefit from it. In fact if every individual soul takes a little more effort to look beyond the narrow periphery of the self, step out of that bloated ego then perhaps the world would be a different place to live in.

Saying that conflict although a very difficult and complex term may be solved through effective communication, mediation and arbitration could conclude it.

b)Conflict resolution method for my organisation

I am a person with the habit of approaching the conflicts passively to avoid any tensions associated with it. I consider that healthy social interaction and effective communication is essential for avoiding unproductive conflicts. In an organisation  conflict can create problem by hampering production. Conflicts can lead to w morale of the employees and it will also result in unhealthy interpersonal relationship characterized by lack of faith in each other. At the same time there are some conflicts which are essential for expressing the innovative ideas. On some occasions people get motivated by strongly participating in conflicts related with major issues and controversies. If such conflicts are managed by properly regulating them such conflicts will become helpful for the organisation .

I strongly believe that healthy interactions supported by effective communication will help to avoid unproductive conflicts. By reducing selfishness and improving the quality of empathy the process of socialization will be improved so that narrow approach towards social values can be avoided. By creating such an environment the rate of counter productive conflicts can be reduced.

Honesty and respect to law are basic requirement for any individual with proper values and ethics. In the face of conflicting interest in a group a tolerance to admit the feeling of others must be shown. In case the conflict of interest is with that of the organisation , then the individual interest must allow the organisation al interest to overtake.

c) Guidelines for problem resolution

Avoiding of conflicts is not a better solution in all the cases. In some cases regulating and managing the conflicts will help to bring better results. Innovative ideas and creative thinking may come out as an outcome of constructive conflict management. Conflicts in workplace and conflicts in family are not same, because of the difference in interpersonal relationship at work place and the relationship at home. Therefore same approach towards the conflicts in the work place and in the home will not bring the same result. Conflicts are to be managed logically and practically as per the situation. While dealing with conflicts it is always better to apply the emotional intelligence. Empathy, negotiation, and effective communication, and clear understanding of the situation will support and guide the conflict management process in the right direction.

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