Human resource management Essay

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Human resource management

Founded in 1945 as a steel trading company, Mahindra entered automotive manufacturing in 1947 with a license to bring the iconic Willys Jeep onto Indian roads. Over the years, they’ve diversified into many new businesses in order to better meet the needs of their customers. They follow a unique business model of creating empowered companies that enjoy the best of entrepreneurial independence and Group-wide synergies. This principle has led their growth into a US $16.2 billion multinational group with more than 155,000 employees in over 100 countries across the globe. The various businesses into which Mahindra is present includes: Aerospace,

Organisation Structure
The business is headed by the chairman of the group, i.e, Mr. Anand Mahindra. Under him comes the leader for the business unit of automobiles. Under him are the heads of various SBU’s of the company. Each SBU has a departmental head for marketing, sales, finance, HR, engineering and design and production. In addition to their immediate boss, they also report to the group level heads in their respective domains. The structure followed is a tall structure.

Levels of Recruitment
In the recent years, M&M has called for recruitment right from the top level to the lower levels of the organisation. In fact they had also called for recruitment of CEO in the recent times. The following ads reflect the above said facts

Internal Recruitment
The company has a policy to set a good career path for its employees and in case of any vacancy, the company first tries to figure out if there is any suitable candidate to take up the job. If yes, he is trained and promoted. The company follows the following two methods as a part of its internal recruitment strategy. Appraisal Based Promotion

The process of performance appraisal is carried out once in a year and the employees are suitably rewarded. In case of good performance the reward might be given in the form of promotion to a higher level. The company in addition to the annual appraisal also monitors the performers on a regular basis and tries to figure out the ones who can be promoted prior to the appraisal period just in case of need. In other words the company has a personnel replacement chart in place with a couple of alternatives being monitored for every position. External Recruitment

External recruitment happens only after the option of internal recruitment is considered and still vacancies are present. The company follows a number of methods as a part of its external recruitment plan which includes recruitment by means of Campus recruitment,

Walk in,
Invitation of applications,
Company website

In addition to all these the company also has a Global Recruit Program Global Recruit Program The Global Recruit Program demands a particular mix of professional and personal attributes. They look for creative, adventurous thinkers who take initiative and are self-motivated to pursue their own ideas and deliver their best. They look for applicants with robust academic, work, and travel experience.

Adapting to a foreign country and business culture will challenge the applicant in every dimension. M&M seeks open-minded, flexible people who are interested in both a demanding work environment and in getting to know India. However, they have hired outstanding applicants without private sector business experience or international experience. Their goal is to find creative, self-directed thinkers; often, the best applicants don’t fit into a mold. Application Process

The recruitment process begins in September with a round of campus visits. A team of senior executives and the Global Recruit Program Coordinator, a second-year Global Recruit, hold a series of on-campus information sessions. Currently, M&M recruit from Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. Applicants submit their resume, transcript, and cover letter through their college’s career services.

The recruitment team reviews applications, looking for the right balance of the requisite academic and leadership achievements with the atypical experiences that facilitate success in a foreign country and business environment. In mid-October or early November, the recruitment team travels to New York City to conduct interviews. Applicants from all universities meet them in NYC for a panel interview designed to investigate applicants’ professional skills and the personal qualities that prepare them for the challenge of integrating into Mumbai and India. Offer letters are sent 1-2 weeks after the interview.

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