Human Resource Information Systems Essay

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Human Resource Information Systems

Employees’ retention and keeping them satisfied so that they work on their full capacity and be productive for the company is very important. They should be well motivated and the programs like compensation, training and development and base salary should set such that employees feel that the company values them and their hard work a lot. For all this, the company’s human resource department has to put in all of this data into the computer system and then to manage it for further references in future.

This information is then saved in the company’s system and special software’s are there to handle them for the company. Since the human resource department happens to bear the responsibility of the organization in the terms of the range of tasks for the employees and how the employees are supposed to interact with each other depending on their assigned designations and with other businesses. The software’s used in the human resource department have a range which starts from performing a primary function, to all complete software suits which are designed to solve all the needs of human resource department may have.

These software target all the functions of human resource like payroll, benefits, for employees, recruiting, compliance and many more. This information maintained is so sensitive that it must be and should be handled by the human resource department only, and should be uploaded on their network map drives rather than on every other department’s, which might cause trouble as they would be able to access it. In this report, it would also be discussed that which of the software the companies use would be the best for them because of their efficiency and the time they consume to give out results to them.

Human resource information technology faces many needs. Like mentioned above, human resource department has to solve many assignments related to the payroll of the employees, the benefits the employees get on their performance they show for the company. Other software or the multi task software check about the employees and keeps a record of their designations and the promotions they get further in their careers. The last part of compliance software is used to ensure that the policies they are making do not abuse the company mission and other goals they really want to achieve.

For the payroll part of human resource, human resource department needs those softwares that can do the basic function for them like calculation all the employees pay according to their given designations. This software must also be able to take calculations of the employees hourly and monthly pay. It should also be able to calculate the compensations and the uncompensated time given by the employee and added and adjusted in the employees’ salaries ( . Kavanagh and Thite, 2008)

These softwares should be such that they automatically cut the taxes from the salaries of the employees of the company, and this tax should be both pre – tax income and post – tax income of the employees especially when the employees have elected for the pre – tax deduction, which are known as the 410K, cafeteria, plan and medical deductions. Deduction management should also take place in this software, so that the employees do not have to do it manually, which cause some man error in calculations.

If this is done manually, it would take a lot of time to get done with every employee of the company and their might be some errors too. The other department of human resource where they need information technology is at the benefits area. Softwares which is multi tasking or who performs solely benefit functions helps the human resource employees by making them track every other employee of the company, its accrual and the usage of benefits they get. This would also count paid time off, and the payments which are given on time.

This software would also help the human resource employee to check whether the other employees’ are eligible for the medical and health related benefits. All those fringe benefits provided by the company like health clubs, to its employees may also be tracked the human resource department at the need of information. That is why, the companies’ need a software which would help them out the benefits for all the employees of the company and keep a record whether they are eligible for it or not. The third part is employees.

This is an important part since it’s the duty of the human resource department to do the hiring and selecting of the employees and then later retain them for the company. Since the company is not run by only two or three department but by many, the number of employees is a lot too then. To keep a track on all of the employees, who are currently employed by the company is very hard and that too by their designations. Softwares help the human resource department people as they set a range of the designation for the employees and to the employees group at very different level of the organization.

For employees, the human resource department would need few basic functions from the softwares. Human resources would like the softwares to have tracking system and also feature recording of employees’ performance, their attendances and absences and lastly the development and the work they are putting in for the company. This would help the company as they would know how much effort is been put in by the employees and who then becomes eligible for the compensation or the bonuses.

This software may also have these features such as management of compensation, time information system, software which could do assessments on employee skills, on their training and education and a record on their behavior with other employees, especially if they got themselves into conflicts or an incident in which they have resolved things. Recruiting is another part of human resource department which requires software to do their task on every process of the recruitment. This software would have every employee’s job descriptions according to the designations and this may also help in future while hiring new people on those posts.

Software might also help the human resource staff by storing extra information of prospective background and relocation of the employees among the departments and lastly, about the new employees who had been hired by the company. Lastly it’s compliance which is to be dealt by the human resource. Any software related to it would help the department by letting them know that whatever the company they are working for is complying with, is actually applicable with the laws or not. This includes the process of hiring new employees, so that no nepotism occurs and the qualified people are not left behind.

No employee is fired or terminated without any legal reason. The education criterion matches the job post requirement and should also store information complaints regarding sexual harassment. Also that the company complies with all of the federal regulations they are supposed to follow. For human resource department, the best softwares they have found so far for their work to be done very efficiently are the OrangeHRM suite software and the other software is by the Microsoft, named Microsoft Dynamics suite which also happen to be single-source providers.

These are considered to be the best softwares for the companies to complete their human resource related tasks. These softwares are such that they not only manage the tasks of the human resource department very efficiently but they also consumer less time to complete the assignment. The other softwares are Ajiva Simple HR which is considered to be a least expensive product and does all the functions required by the human resources. The information of this is available in the forms of graphical dashboard. Other software is of People-Trak HR which is affordable too and gets more expensive on adding more features ( Rashid, 2009).

There are other softwares too for the human resource departments. There are other softwares too available for the completion of human resource department task. They are mostly related to the payroll like mentioned above, then work time of the employees, and the benefits administration to keep a track of who is eligible to get one or not. Recruiting softwares are also available and training and learning management system softwares are there too to help the employees the human resource department to sort out their things more easily (Sleezer, Wentling and Cude, 2002).

Performance record softwares are also available for the human resource department that sorts out the bonuses or the incentives the employees would get according to their performance they have shown for the company. Lastly, appraisal softwares are also there so that the human resource department can collect online information about the views the employees hold for their company and their jobs and then make policies out of them so that the employees are highly motivated.

Before selecting the software technology, the company must make sure whether the software they are going to get from the other source has enough flexibility and scalability for the human resource department and its tasks or not. The employees should determine that whether the data could be imported from the excel spread sheets, its databases and other paper documents, all those things which contain important data that needs to be put into computer, otherwise it would create a problem.

The software should also be able to take in the information and do filter of things which it needs to take in and store in specific data bases. Companies should also check whether the software is able to accommodate the human resource department of the companies. If true software is picked out for the enrollment, it will evaluate the enrollment activity and impose all the necessary rules and combination of rules, messages and other ways to meet and fulfill the eligibility of the requirements which are desired.

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