Human Resource Info Systems Essay

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Human Resource Info Systems

Training is a very important part of the human resources department. Training is a big part of human resources for a couple important reasons. Some of the reasons that training is important are: training helps develop optimism in the trainee, more job skills and knowledge are obtain from training, training helps the trainee to feel more comfortable with the employees they will be working with, and training also helps the trainee learn how to be better organized with the activities the job requires from them.

If training wasn’t provided for them new employees coming into the work field would be confused when they started working and this could cause them to have low self-esteem and want to give up on their job because of the lack of communication and ability to provide great quality of work. The HRIS I have chosen is training. The training system will provide the new employees with an online training program which will help them train themselves.

This training system will consist of a video explaining their job tasks, and certain test that will test their previous knowledge and help the HR manger give every new employee individual training activities after they have been tested. The training program will consist of real life scenarios that will help them figure out how to deal with situations that have occurred before to other employees. I was searching for a couple of vendors and found two of them that caught my attention.

One would be Datamaticsinc. http://www. datamaticsinc. com/ Datamatics Management Services, Inc. delivers automated time and attendance software systems and workforce management services that will help Castle Family Restaurant control payroll costs and maximize productivity. These systems improve employee tracking, scheduling, absence management, job costing and labor analytics. And another I had found was trainer active http://www. fenman. co. uk/traineractive/about/index. hp where their massive Training Activity Portal allows them to build their own unique collection of ready-made trainer-laced trinities or tailor their own training programmer, supposedly saving up to 80% of the course preparation time. Now looking at both of these I decided to choose the first one which is Datamaticsinc because they provide a way better software in my opinion. Since I’m planning to have on person in charge of one of each restaurant I will need to train that person. Training has a big impact on a company.

I believe that Castle Family Restaurant will benefit from having this training online system. Jay Morgan is having trouble running all restaurant locations. Jay Morgan is trying to reduce as much traveling to each restaurant location as possible and having this online training system will his employees to get train well for each restaurant location. This program will give employees the skills to better run the restaurant and have more knowledge of the tasks needed from them and will also help Jay Morgan conserve time and decrease each Castle Family Restaurant location.

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