Human Resource Development Simulation Essay

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Human Resource Development Simulation

Being a training director is not an easy job because, aside from dealing with different personalities who will under you for training, a training director has to make sure that such trainings will also benefit the company as a whole. In a situation wherein the CEO of the company is looking for tangible evidences that construe the organization’s training programs effectiveness, it is only but right to show him/her profound evidences of your efforts as the training officer.

Before presenting to the CEO proofs of the effective implementation of the training programs and that such spending has not really gone to waste, I would like to utilize survey forms and evaluation of the performance appraisal of the employees who have gone to the training. The question now lies – why use survey and performance rating of employees who have gone training as gauge for a measurable return on investment (ROI)?

SURVEYS – I find surveys as an effective tool for measuring the ROI because this will determine the familiarity of the products and services of the company among the populace. Even though people have not yet bought the company’s products nor avail its services, it is a nice thing already that the consumers know the existence of the company. Surveys will be implemented through scientific sampling of respondents in the community who will answer questionnaires that bear questions about the services and products of the company.

If the results turn-out will reflect that majority of the respondents know the products and services of the company, then it means that the training programs, in a way, has contributed the company’s run. PERFORMANCE RATING OF THE TRAINEESAFTER THE TRAINING – A good performance training is the best evidence that the training is, indeed, very effective. A well-trained employee will contribute in the company’s ROI because aside that he/she will be a utility in the company, his/her knowledge can expand more; hence, he/she might project new ideas that can further enhance the functionality of the company.

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