Human Resource and Personnel Management


Human resource Management is the method of managing an organisation or a business and is related to employees and planes of a company or an institution. The aims or objectives of an HR are to meet the desires and benefits of the organisation, to make the business to grow and have value and to motivate the employees and to reward them when they perform very well. In the essay below its gone be illustrated all the job and responsibilities of an HR.


The difference between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management 1.1 Human resource Management is a needed function on all the organisations because is the process of hiring and selection of people for the right job by training the candidates and increasing their skills and performance providing appropriate benefits ,inspiring, keeping the safety of the workers by obeying with labour laws . Personnel Management is dedicated to discipline the employees, is taking care of their salaries, training, motivating the employees to perform well, solving arguments between workers and communicating with the employees at all levels.

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(Business Dictionary 2014). The difference between Human Resource and Personnel Management is that the Personnel Management is that the Personnel Management is concentrating more on the training of the employees; give them the wages, explaining them the rules of the company and the interests of the employers ,employees processes, job description, checking, writing contracts and explain the rules, while the Human Resource Management is dedicated to the values,objectives,aims,culture,plans,customers,teams,performance of the employees,motivation,rewards and increased the profit of the business.

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(IQPC 2011) KFC preparation and improvement of the employees is concentrating more on efficacious management and to build strong relationships with the customer.

By serving the customer as fast as possible with a large smile on the face the clients have nothing to complain and will come often to visit the restaurant. This can be one of many important duties of a Human resources management or Personnel management the method that can satisfy the customer needs and to respect the people time. 1.2& 1.3 The role, responsibilities and duties of the Human Resource Management and Line Managers The Human Resource practitioners they have a vital role in the organisation because they focusing on rules and coordination. The Human Resources Management need to have the capability and knowledge to think out of the box, to engage employees to improve and perform well, to recruit professional and well trained people for all the vacant positions and to have the right wages, with other words the Human Resource Manager must hire the right staff with the right abilities for the right job.

His other responsibilities are to plan, improve the success of the company, orientation as well is one of his activities because must help the new staff to adjust to the new job and make sure that the workers know their working hours,wages,benefits and the rules and expectations of the organisation. Planning of the career also is part of the Human Resources Job because must know the potential that his employees have to grow and advance in their careers. Compensation is a task that the Human Resources Manager have to control because in this way knows how many of his employees they perform well and the employees that can do well certain jobs are paid better that other workers. Benefits also are a form of being paid well because of their good performance. The labour relations are a method to interact with the employees which are characterized by trade unions.

Trade unions is the voice of a group of employees which are together when they have to take decisions about salaries, compensations, working hours or working conditions and other methods or characteristics of working.Recoord keeping is the duty that involves recording ,conserving ,and repossessing employees similar information’s for difference motivations.(Human Resources Management Functions ) In 2010 KFC concentrated again on developing the business and making the employees feel valuable for the company putting exceptional efforts on developing that method and is accomplished by the business reward package.

This programm was design to give bonuses to employees but the performance was the best way to show that they can truly can received by selling more items and by educated with all the customers. Anyway constructing employee’s capability and knowledge at KFC is a very important plan. (KFC Human resources management to meet emerging business needs 2005-2014) 1.4 Lawful and regulatory request

The regulations and the legal regulations that must be respected by the Human Resource Management are: = to give equal opportunities to the employees to work no matter the culture, gender,ethnie,color of the skin, race or sex ,disabilities or age.(Civil Rights Act 1964) =prohibits discrimination (Civil Rights Act 1991)

=forbids diverse wage for based on sex for identical work (Civil Rights Act 1963) =discrimination of pregnancy (Civil Act Rights 1978)
=sexual harassments prohibited (Civil Rights Act 1980) (HR Management Laws and Regulations2013)

At KFC the staff is always needed being very busy as Mc Donald’s so the management need to hire enough people in each team or group to have a working time easy and without stress ,so the Human resource management have to know what kind of people to hire no matter their culture are ,or religion,ethnie,age or colour. No discrimination should appear in any of the company. Because employees are working in teams at KFC their conduct must by respectful with other colleagues and disputes between the staff must disappear immediately.


Motivational theory and how this impacts the reward system in the organization. When people go to work they bring with them their personality and individual behaviours. No matter the person’s position in the workplace the personality and behaviour plays a very important role in how that person is completing his duties and interact with others .Theory of Maslow also have an impact on the people at work because explains how the employees desire to perform at work by having a higher position, the need of money, friends, love or sex, sleep, hunger, safety or esteem when they need only the respect of other, no matter that person is.

In every company the employees they work only to satisfy a need from the scale of Maslow theory and they perform to achieve that goal no matter what it is. Motivation it refers to the reason that makes as act, perform or even behave. The motivation is guide as to achieve a goal, desire or a purpose. Without motivation we can’t start or finish enithing.On the other hand rewards it’s the thing that keeps you motivate continuously. The rewards can be money, higher position, compensation or even more hours to work or bigger salary.

At KFC restaurant the culture, ethnie, colour, religion and age are togheter.The staff can by from Bangladesh, Italy, Pakistan, Poland, and Rumanian and so on. Anyway the characters working together and must have a good conduct and behaviour. When the religion and culture of a person is respected and take it seriously at the workplace that person is motivated and happy to improve his performance and improve company’s profit as well. Culture is the atmosphere which all of as we functioning all the time, so in fact the culture is something that we ca not see, is in fact the harmony or manifestations in the workplace. Every new staff bring in the company his own culture and attitude or religion. Culture also is recognised by symbols, stories, language, religion, outfits and daily rituals. (KFC Legal terms)

3.2 Job evaluation process and payment factors.

Job evaluation process refers to the strategy of a company by estimating the number of the vacancies in the company and when looking for qualified and professional people for a position in the company. The characteristics of job evaluation and the methods that KFC is using to recruit people when a position is vacant: Description of the job and design

Profession preparation
Progression development

KFC evaluation process in few steps and methods that the company is using when the candidates are chosen, management must explain to the new personnel what the policies and rules of the company are and below examples of the procedures after selection:
1. The employers must give clear details and working hours to the employee
2. Salary agree and about benefits
3. Tasks and duties of the employee
4. Written contracts as proof of agreement for job between employer and employees
5. Training is a must in all the company because help the staff to perform well and help the company to achieve their goals and purposes
6. Clear conditions of the company

(Human resources organisational development and design 01 January 2014)

Human resources flow chart and stages to take in order to recruit and select people and how payment of employees and volunteers are made.
Identify staff and volunteers needed
HR and ManagerAdvertising
HR criteria and job description regular hire Permanent hirework hours explained and requirement of skills, knowledge and experience Receive CVClassificationinterviewsnr of candidates chosen and rejected, development of recruiting strategy

Benefits of the job explained by Management


(Quality management at Kentucky Fried Chicken)

3.3 Varieties of reward systems

Reward systems are the rules, procedures benefits classified by money, extra working hours for those who want or need more hours to make extra, and a higher position in the company and so on. All the employees who are performing well in the company by selling more or making more customers are rewarded by management in the way they need. The reward system is designed to motivate employees to work better and make the organisation improve.

How planning a compensation programm: The solutions to implement a compensation program are the following steps: •Discovering the organisation or team goals that this program will support to improve the company s profit. •Identification of the preferred workers routine or comportments that will strengthen the business’s aims and the image of the organisation will be a respectful one in the customer’s eyes. •Nomination of crucial proportions of the presentation or conduct, founded on the individual or collection’s earlier realisations Specification of suitable recompenses

•Announcement of program to workers
Then the types of reward system can by: additional benefit, variable pay, stock choices, compensations, more working hours or increase salary, or an advanced position. (Organisational behaviour Ninth Edition by G.I.Moorhead)

At KFC the employees are encouraged and motivated to perform well and increased the company’s profits because are rewarded in terms of promotions, bonuses, higher position, more working hours, higher wages or free lunchtimes or meals. And also when the staffs have more than 5 points that person can receive benefits in money, this called “My growth body”. (KFC presentation 2013)

3.4 Organisation monitors performance.
This is a few steps of monitoring employee’s performance:
Amount means the number of items or goods sold can be the best indicator of performance
Timeliness refers to how fast the staff can sell something
Non-attendance or unpunctuality no one can perform well as is latte at work. .employees must be on time at the workplace or if is absent
Individual presence staff must dree adequately at work
Ask feedback from customers can control behaviour of the employees.
Controlling the employees is a simple duty but with all these controlling and measuring the employee’s performance and motivation as well is heavy look from directors, owners and those who control the company.
The staffs are the very important tools of all the company s because they are communicating with the customers directly or face to face.

The Human resources management is a roll that all the companies must have it because is the person which the best know how to control, recruit and select and pay the staff. The training is also his duty because must know and recruit the professional and knowledge people for the right position. All the recruitment, selection, procedures of the organisations are calculated and monitored by Human resource management.

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