Human Relations Essay

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Human Relations

1) The Term Human Relations in it’s broadest sense covers all types of interactions among people–their conflict, cooperative efforts, and group relationships

A) The Study of Human Relations emphasizes the analysis of human behavior, prevention strategies and resolution of behavioral problems.

Human Relations in the Age of Information

America has gone from one age to the next, Industrial to information. This leaves us with a profound impact on interpersonal relationships. Living in an age where the effective exchange of information is the foundation of most economic transactions means we all make major life adjustments

1) Increased reliance on information technology often comes at the price of less human contact.

2) A Human Contact deficiency weakens the spirit, mind and body.

3) Neglecting the cues and clues that lie outside the tight focus of information can limit our personal and professional effectiveness

A) Today’s knowledgeable worker needs to take more account of people.

The Importance of Human Relations

Several important developments in the workplace have given new importance to human relationships. Each of the following developments provides support for Human Relations in the workplace.

ƒÞThe labor market has become a place of churning dislocation caused by the heavy volume of mergers, acquisitions, business closings and downsizing.

“Temporary Personnel only add to the mix

Organizations are increasingly oriented toward service to clients, patients and customers.

Most owners and managers are reluctant to embrace the idea that people are the heart of every form of quality improvement.

Workplace incivility is a treat to employee relationships.

Many Companies are organizing their workers into teams in which each employee plays a part

Diversity has become a prominent characteristic of today’s work force.

Growing income inequality has generated a climate of resentment and distrust.

The rules for work are changing and we’re all being judged, whether we know it or not, by a new yardstick—not just how smart we are and what technical skills we have, which employers see as givens, but increasingly by how well we handle ourselves and others..

The Need for a Supportive Environment

Human Relations, when applied in a positive and supportive environment, can help individuals achieve greater personal satisfaction from their careers and help increase an organization’s productive efficiency.

The Forces Influencing Behavior at Work

An understanding of human behavior at work begins with the six major forces that affect every employee regardless of the size of the organization;

1)Organizational Culture





2)Supervisory-Management Influence



Leadership Style

3)Work Group Influence

Social Supports

Emotional Support

Support for Meeting Goals

4)Job Influence



Knowledge of Results

5)Personal Characteristics






6)Family Influence

Work-Family Initiatives

Family-Friendly Culture

The Development of the Industrial Revolution

Early attempts at increasing productivity focused on things, recently the trend is to focus on people.

“XThe Impact of the Industrial Revolution

“XTaylor’s Scientific Management

You can only get so much more productivity out of reorganization and automation. Where you really get productivity leaps is in the minds and hearts of people.

~James Baughman (DMD G.E. Corp.)

Mayo’s, “Hawthorne Studies”

The study of illumination, ventilation and fatigue on production workers at Hawthorne Western Electrical Plant in the mid-1920s.

“XAllowing feedback increased morale therefore productivity

“XInteraction on the job creates an Informal Organization which exerts considerable influence on a workers performance

“XCan be credited with helping to change the way management viewed workers

From The Great Depression to The New Millennium

“XInterest In Human Relations waned an other issues came to the fore

“XPost WW II Human Relations was again brought to the front in an effort to increase productivity

“XTheories and Concepts have begun to focus more on understanding human interaction since the 1950s

Major Themes in Human Relations


2)Self Awareness

3)Self Acceptance



6)Self Disclosure

7)Conflict Resolution

Human Relations Benefits to You

Most jobs today are Interdependent, if persons in these jobs cannot effectively come together as a team, the efficiency of the organization will suffer.


This study will assist in our better understanding of both personal and organizational needs and goals, and how such will affect our own self esteem and our inter relations with our co workers. This is not a set in stone type of direction it is but a guideline for solving those “people related” problems we all face in our day to day lives. If we follow these guidelines we may become more sensitive to which choice to make when faced with a difficult decision or problem, and choose wisely to anticipate or even prevent conflict and minor problems. All in all, the awareness of how interpersonal human relations are responsible, to a high degree, for the efficient and productive operation of any and all organizations that are populated with a human workforce has increased tremendously.

If the seven major themes of; communication, self-awareness, self-acceptance, motivation, trust, self disclosure, and conflict-resolution are brought into play daily, they can improve success for personal growth and satisfaction of organizational objectives.

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