Human Population and the Environment – Urbanization Essay

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Human Population and the Environment – Urbanization

Urbanization can simply be seen as the movement and concentration of large populations upon an urban area at the detriment of the rural populous. This is due to a complex set of economic, demographic, social, cultural, technological, and environmental processes (P. Knox, 2009). Our topic narrows down to the correlation of urbanization and the environment. To start with, a number of environmental benefits can be realized due to urbanization; For instance urban areas concentrate large populations in a relatively small area thus there is more free forestry land.

Plus a compact, concentrated urban area means more people walking and less number of cars on the road, consequently fewer carbon emissions from usage of cars. Conversely, there are a number of challenges posed to the environment due to urbanization. The mass exodus of people into urban areas have had a strain on infrastructure and led to poor sanitation and housing that leads to environmental degradation.

Poor planning leads also leads to air, water and noise pollution due to industries and community settlements. We see this issue addressed in the Moroccan Shelter upgrading in Agadir. Faced with substandard housing and shanty towns inhabited by an ever increasing populous, three projects are set up, one of which is the Tikiouine project that comprises of three housing areas being developed and integrates community participation and responsibility concerning their sewer lines and tertiary water.

In addition, the Tilburg city management model offers a sustainable five step integrated approach to administration of social, economic and environmental policies in a city. The Tilburg model implements these policies up to the neighborhood level. Thus ensures that a “Basic Quality” is maintained and thus minimizing environmental deprivation.

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