Human Nature Within The Text of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

In today’s society, the duality of human nature is almost everywhere we turn. It can be quite a struggle to identify it though. Duality can be found within politics, religion, parenting, media or technology and much more. For example, parenting because some parents may smack their children if they do something wrong to show them a lesson where as others think it is completely wrong and it’s showing the wrong message to children and that children shouldn’t be harmed.

Also, within politics there are dual characters.

The politicians could be someone that they are not, just so they could look good in front of the media and the public. Another example of duality of human nature in society is, within religion, someone may read a passage of their holy book and interpret it to mean something good like helping people whereas someone else may read it and interpret it to mean something bad for example, murdering for their religion like terrorists.

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There are quite a few authors who write about the duality of human nature for example, Robert Lewis Stevenson. Robert Lewis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh on the 13th of December 1850.

He was born to Thomas Stevenson and Margaret Balfour but he was mainly raised by his nanny, Alison Cunningham who was a major influence to Stevenson because of her stern Protestantism and fund of folk-tales. His first major publication was An Island Voyage in 1878 and Travels with a Donkey in 1879. After getting married to Fanny Osbourne, who already had two children, Stevenson settled in Bournemouth where he wrote some his most important work, like The Strange Case of Dr.

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Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Stevenson’s father then died which gave him enough money to move on with his family. Stevenson then died on the 3rd of December 1894.

He lived during the Victorian period which influenced how he wrote. The Victorian era was the period in which Queen Victoria’s reign from June 1837 until her death on the 22nd of January 1901. The reign was a long period of prosperity for the British people, as profits gained from the overseas British Empire, as well as from industrial improvements at home, allowed an educated middle class to develop. Etiquette is the word that can describe what life as an upper class or upper-middle class person in the Victorian Era. An upper class or upper-middle class person was concerned with every aspect of every day life.

Their whole day consisted of governed do’s and don’ts. The people in the middle class had enough money and a good shelter and good job but weren’t as rich or owned land like the upper class. A middle class job would be something like a servant for the upper class people and etiquette still had to be learned. The lower class were basically invisible to the upper and middle classes. The prevailing attitude was that the poor deserved the way they lived. If good moral choices had been made, the poor wouldn’t be living the way they did. Victorian society could be quite pleasant, but only depending on your financial status.

Victorian fashion was quite gothic. Home decor was veered into the elaborately draped and decorated style that today, we call Victorian. Clothes fashion also had a gothic feel to it. Beehive shaped skirts was a prime trait facet of Victorian fashion. Even though cloth was produced in the mills, Victorian clothing in 1837 was normally designed and accumulated by tailors and other such dedicated people who designed clothes and hats. Bell shaped skirts also gained immense popularity in 1830s. Today, there are a lot of women who wear make-up all the time but in the 19th century make up was regarded as a non-respectable way.

Thus many women didn’t pursue it much. Also, fans were also a very essential element of the accessories for Victorian Fashion. Many women would just carry a fan in their hands as a part of a fashion statement. Victorian novels were influenced by the large sprawling novels of sensibility of the preceding age, tended to be idealized portraits of difficult lives in which hard work, perseverance; love and luck win out in the end. Virtue would be rewarded and people who committed crimes or did things wrong were suitably punished.

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