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Human Nature and Dauntless Essay

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In the book Divergent, there were five factions. The names were abnegation, amity, dauntless, erudite and candor. Each faction was formed by a group of people who blamed human’s nature for destroying the earth. Erudite was formed by those who blamed ignorance for the war that had occurred in the past. Abnegation was formed by those who blamed selflessness for human natures fault. Candor was formed by those who blamed duplicity and deception for human nature’s faults. Amity was formed by those who blamed war and fighting for human natures faults, and dauntless was formed by those who blamed cowardice for human natures faults.

The dauntless protected the city from the inside and outside. They formed Dauntless around the principle of eliminating fear believing bravery will lead to a more perfect society. Every faction had a role in the city the dauntless had 3 main things, characteristics, physical traits and functions that made them different from the others. The dauntless have bizarre characteristics.

They were the only faction that made their members choose to be factionless or die if they couldn’t be able to become dauntless. That is one of the reasons that this faction didn’t have any old members, they could be leaders at a very young age.

Every member gets a certain amount of points to spend per month. They can spend those points on clothing, tattoos or other things. The dauntless also acknowledge the death of a person as soon as he/she dies. The funeral is more of a celebration because many people drink. They also call suicide a brave thing to do. The physical traits of the dauntless show that they are dauntless because no other faction is like them . The Dauntless always dress in black. The women wear skin-tight pants, tights, tight dresses, and black boots and shoes. The men wear black pants and form-fitting shirts.

Dauntless like to tattoo and pierce their bodies. Girls might wear dark eyeliner and makeup. They might also dye their hair unusual colors and shave their heads. |This is the only faction that allows this. The functions of this faction are that they have to protect the city from inside and out from any threat. Their main task is to guard the fence that surrounds the city. It is considered a dangerous job, but it is also a necessary one and it seems likely that this is part of the reason no other faction has a disagreement with Dauntless because they are the only ones capable of doing this task.

They also maintain the city gate which is locked from the outside. Despite being the most warlike faction, Dauntless appears to have a neutral relationship with the other factions. While Erudite and Abnegation fight for government control and Candor and Amity fight over peace and deception, Dauntless are seen as the fighters. They prove to be good partners as they are trained in the art of fighting and practicing physical skills. They also like being this way because that way they don’t have to do extra stuff. This is what makes them different from the other factions; this is why they are independent.

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