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Human nature Essay

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Personality is the particular combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual. It is the sound total o the multi-dimensionality of an individual. It is the sounding of one’s upbringing as a person. Personality is the reflection of how we are cared by our family, friends, government, society, etc. There are two factors that affect personality. These are nature and nurture. Many of us would try to look deep into ourselves and try to answer these following questions.

Which is the most significant, nature or nurture?

Which of the two most change my personality as a whole? What am I really? Nature is the genetic or biological component of an individual. This means that a person’s nature comes from its predecessors and the attitudes comes from its parents. Genes play a greater role in determining key personality traits like social skills and learning ability than the way we are brought up by our parents. Genetics were most influential on people’s sense of self-control and also affected their social and learning abilities and their sense of purpose.

Nurture is the social and environmental factors that affect the individual. This means that the environment affects how a person thinks and do. There are many people in this world wherein they where affected by the changes in society. Maybe it is because it is needed so that they can fit in or maybe they need it to be socially compatible with others. Behavior can be non-genetically transmitted from parents to offspring. Non-genetic transmission of behavior can play an important role in shaping personality.

Both nature and nurture are important in constructing our personality. They are sine qua non with the personality. Both factors help and determine the outcome of an individual. Both genetic and environmental factors contribute to personality continuity and change, but genetic factors affect rank-order change only in younger decades of life, whereas environmental influences appear to represent a lifelong source of inter-individual differences in personality development. For some they might choose nature over nurture, or

vise versa, but soon they would realize that both help them determine their real self. As time passes, our society also changes and this reminds us that we too have to change so that we can fit in. We have to change so that we won’t be left out from the others. Some people give so much importance with their social life that they forget their self. There is nothing permanent in this world. Our personality is also the same; it changes according to what we will need depending on the situation. And with the help of the two factors, nature and nurture, we will be able to change easily.

We will be able to address our problems and answer it without difficulty. Although we have to be reminded that changing our personality doesn’t mean that we have to change our whole self. Yes, we have to change because it is needed but we also have to be reminded that we have to remain a little amount of ourselves. We change because society tells us to but we should still stay true to ourselves because if all of us change, then we will be identical with each other and that would mean a disobedience to the natural law.

We have to be true to ourselves because we have to be different from others. We have to be distinct from the others. We have to be unique. Even though society tells us to change our personality or attitude, we are still given the authority and choice to do so. We are the bosses of ourselves and we can dictate ourselves what to do and what not to do. ‘In order to gain something, you have to lose something’ I disagree in this statement. Why? Because we are given a choice and that choice doesn’t mean that we have to let go, it only means that we have to accept new things.

There may be clashes and disagreements with two factors but it is possible to combine them and maybe there will be better results. Again, both nature and nurture are important in constructing ourselves. Some of us already found themselves and some are still struggling to find their meaning but we have to be reminded that we are different. We are who we are and we shouldn’t force ourselves to change just to satisfy other people. We have to learn to accept ourselves first before others would learn to accept us. Being true to ourselves makes our personality shine the most.

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