Human nature Essay

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Human nature

Human nature has always emphasized on achieving more. As the history prevail the first ever invention of human was a wheel, and ever since the development of wheel, the mankind has always been in a continuous strive to achieve more. Information is an integral part of human life and the technology has always played an eminent role to increase the lifestyle and living standards of mankind.

Communication has always been the core point of interest for people and this is one aspect where the research will continue to eternity. (Rhoton, 2001) Samuel Morse who is considered as one of the pioneer of communication through the development of telegraph was able to give birth to the term information technology. The information technology is totally dependent upon research. Up till now billions of dollars have been spent on the research of communication and information technology.

The profound period that affected the development of IT was development of ENIAC computer in the era of 1950s. (O’Brien, 2008) Through the development of ENIAC large amount of calculations were easily completed by the machine and it was used as multipurpose machine for calculations and programming. The speed and flexibility was very high due to which it made a huge impact in World War II. After the development of ENIAC computers were developed in a similar pattern.

The need was recognized by different people and researches were conducted to develop such a machine that could automate some difficult processes. (Rappaport , 2002) The development of computers to cell phones to laptops, all were pretty much predictable as they were developed in the need of the hour. The progress of technology has always been a progress of speed and memory, but now in the modern era the three factors that are very important in the technology research are speed, memory and portability.

In the future we can assume that we will witness more speed in machines, with high memory storage and high level of portability. References O’Brien, J. (2008) Managment Information Systems (pp. 239) Rappaport, Theodore (2002). Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice. Prentice Hall. Rhoton, John (2001). The Wireless Internet Explained. Digital Press.

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