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Essay on Human Nature

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Obsession of Perfection

At the end of "The Birthmark," Aylmer both succeeds and fails. He succeeds in that he finally rid his wife of her birthmark. He fails in that…she is dead. Finally, this story involve man’s desire to prefect what is already perfect and the use of science as a flawed tool to attain this perfection. Sure, Georgiana dies right afterwards, but the fact remains that Aylmer does indeed succeed in rem...

John Hospers' Tough Determinism

Its common knowledge man is unable to control his unconscious, as its very definition is what man is unaware of. In addition Hospers believes a person’s behavior is determined by the influences of their early environment, at an age when they were unable to make responsible choices. Common man would agree during this infantile stage, a person has no control over what their environment consists of...

Philosophical Concept of the Moon in Taketori Monogatari

The author made a romantic world on the moon in comparison to the human world and revealed some silly or ridiculous behaviors in the human world through the eyes of Kaguya-hime, who possesses human nature. In this way, the author demonstrates that it is the imperfection which makes human-beings lovely and genuine, and that is why Kaguya-hime loves the Earth wholeheartedly. Furthermore, through the...

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Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll

An expository essay provides a suitable form for a personal exploration of these ideas, with the aim of encouraging readers to reflect on similar ideas and issues as they occur in their own experiences or in the society more broadly. While the essay is subjective it retains some formality and refers to sources beyond personal experience, and uses conversational but grammatically correct language. ...

Behavioral patterns in primates and humans

Based on my observations, there are some behavioral patterns found in both primates and humans. However the cause of these patterns differ based on instinct and adaptations in primates compared to culture and morality in humans. I believe that by studying and observing behavioral patterns in primates, we can better understand where some of our own actions and behaviors derived from, and whether i...

Were Barbaric Laws Barbarian Really

The barbarians were a barbaric people. As you can tell, they did what the pleased. The laws made by Genghis Khan that were used for battle situations were barbaric because if one person or a small group of soldiers left because they were scared, everyone else and them included, were killed (Doc 2). There was pretty much only one punishment in the whole Mongol Empire, and that was death. This punis...

Social contract theorists: Hobbes vs. Rousseau

Iraq are examples that Hobbes has the stronger position, however I disagree. People are socialized to function under the rule of government and that is all they know; so when a government collapses people do not know how to act and therefore there is mass chaos. If people were not socialized to only function under government there would be no chaos. Surely, as humans are the most intelligent speci...

'The Eolian Harp' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

It is clear from this analysis of the text that Coleridge uses the elements of poetry to create required effects. The occasional capitalisation of words, the use of exclamation marks and use of blank verse elevates the parts of the poem that Coleridge feels to be most important. Likewise, nature comes alive through human senses and through personification it comes out of hiding to embrace Colerid...

Horace Miner’s Book Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

Birth control is taken to avoid becoming pregnant, and when women do become pregnant they wear loose clothing as to hide the fact that there are carrying a child. Other cultures see intercourse as a natural thing to reproduce, and that pregnancy is a beautiful thing. They see us not talking and being open about sex as taboo. We, Americans, are not superior to anyone else. That is what Horace Miner...

A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah

The final layer of society is humankind. It is exactly like the skin of an onion. It ends the layers in a neat finish and protects them. When turmoil occurs in one nation, other nations provide aid. “‘You have been great soldiers and you all know that you are part of this brotherhood. I am very proud to have served my country with you boys. But your work here is done, and I must send you off. ...

Fundamental Attribution Error in Student's Behavior

However, rating essays may not be the best example to compare with real life. The students could have been confused by the instructions and believed they had to rate the author’s position in the essay not the author’s true position. However, the results concluded have not conflicted with any of the results from the multiple variations of the experiment and because the FAE occurs pretty freque...

Transition to Adulthood

The fact that parents supervise sons less than daughters shows that independence has different meaning for young men and women (Fish, 2005). Males seem to be less motivated to succeed in class, take longer to finish school, obtain a satisfying career and cohabit or get married. It has been suggested that one of the reasons for this is their increased playing of video games. Researches have found t...

Stereotypes of Physical Appearance

Furthermore, the questionnaire results also supported the hypothesis. Especially in question 1 which is that the way people dress can tell us a lot of things about them, all the subjects shared the same idea and agreed with the claim. In addition, in the questions 6, 10, 17 and 18 more than 90% of the subjects answered them as “yes”. On the other hand, for question 13 which is following the fa...

Socially Acceptable

She laughed so hard but I feel it was more out of relive than anything else. Overall, this assignment was enjoyable. I learned how to step out of routine and that sometimes that is ok. It is not going to shake up life as much as would be expected. I learned that fashion is in the eye of the beholder. It is not something that should hold as much pressure as magazine emphasis and that sometimes a li...

The Naked Ape

Apes are smart enough to realize that violence isn’t a good thing, and we aren’t. That’s very sad, in my opinion. We should be able to control our instinct to fight and kill, like the apes can. We should, in theory, be more like the apes. So maybe my question shouldn’t be “After all we’ve evolved from, why can we still not control some of our ape-like instincts?” Maybe my question sh...

Albert Bandura and Julian Rotter

Evaluate the theory by thinking about some of the following questions: If this theory is to be evaluated, the strength of these assumptions lies in the recognition of the positives that humans possess. It reminds the audience of the person as a whole being and not just an organism subject to either what the psychoanalysts termed as instincts or fundamental behaviorists’ position as merely organi...

Jahari Window

However, blind to you, you actually may be communicating this information via body language, in conflict with your verbal message. On an even deeper level, you in an interaction with others, may always put on a smiling, happy face, hiding all negative feelings. By withholding negative feelings, you may be signaling to your friends to withhold also, and keep their distance. Thus, your communication...

Imagination or Knowledge?

Furthermore there is the argument of human kind not being able to solely base their ideas and thoughts on imagination as this would only lead wrong insight as to how someone can deal with a certain situation and will with no doubt hold us up in our search for progress. This has been backed up by an example on human kind in the time they thought the earth was flat and as George Santayana said: ‘t...

Sigmund Frued

With this model, divided into the id, ego, and superego, we can explain how we can simultaneously harbor uninhibited desires in the unconscious pleasure and destructive tendencies developed by the id, but we can also mediate these instinctive drives through the self-conscious functions performed by the ego’s defense mechanisms, while in addition re-appropriating this tension through the role of ...

Are We Born With Knowledge?

That we have no knowledge at all, and that we need to experience things and have ideas of these things to gain knowledge. However, the reason we ARE born with knowledge is so that we can have a starting point in life. Our baby knowledge is a foundation for us to build and gain knowledge on. An example of this would be, when we are young we have the privilege of being able to eat and sleep or anyth...

Moby Dick: The Brit

The “horrors of the half known life” encompassing the “insular Tahiti” are the things people attempt to learn about the world and themselves. Ishmael believes that by venturing out into the sea of one’s soul man exposes himself to all the dangers of the world. This shows how he believes that it is better to remain on a peninsula of ignorance and comfort than venture out into the sea of k...

Stanford Prison Experiment

Although research might support the concepts of conformity and situational attribution to be present across the spread of universal and Asian context, further relative studies ought to be conducted in more Asian countries to confirm that fact. This is because most people would tend to generalise behaviours based on the face value of that particular culture, but only an in-depth analysis, such as t...

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung

Despite their differences in theory and interpretation of certain aspects of dreams, both Freud and Jung were able to make great strides in their works with dream analysts and leave behind invaluable information for other psychoanalysts to grow and develop from. Their continual placement of high importance on the patient-therapist relationship and the value of dreams in therapy have continued to b...

Lee’s Function in East of Eden

Such treatment of individuals is summarized by saying that “everything is an index of everything else”6 and that “The heavy is the root of the light. ”7 Finally, the quintessence of Steinbeck as a novelist undoubtedly lies in the employment of non-teleological thinking as the frameworks of his novels. The adoption of this method does not allow him to achieve invariable success in his liter...

Empiricism In Geography

Overall, Empiricists believe that there is no knowledge without experience. While their individual views may differ, their fundamental ideas are used to make conclusions about theories in the world. Each of these men have ideas about how knowledge is used and what it creates for each person. Through each of these theories it is apparent that knowledge and reality are difficult to access in such a ...

Rationalism and Empiricism

However, although both movements stand in opposition to one another in terms of premises, each has its advantages that contribute to our quest for knowledge. To avoid the critical problems rationalism and empiricism might raise, it is crucial to consider the discipline of inquiry and real-world application of knowledge when deciding on the appropriate approach. In most cases, we should be able to ...

Rationalism And Empiricism: The Source Of All Knowledge

It is much easier to see when adding much larger numbers, such as 8557 and 23372067. If this were analytical, I would be able to intuitively know the answer as easily as I came up with the answer 12 in the last problem. However, since the answer is not contained within the numbers being summed, this concept is synthetic and also gives new information. In conclusion, Kant recognized the strengths a...

Is Knowledge Immanent?

Many people would argue that ability ISN’T knowledge. Yet, if ability means we are able to do something, then we must be able to KNOW how to do it. This means that ability is KNOWledge. Furthermore, it is clear that we ARE born with knowledge, and that even if our knowledge has changed over the years, it has been growing since then. This proves that when we were born, we all started off with a b...

Understanding Human Experiences

On contemplating achieving self-actualization/authenticity the two psychologies value engaging in behavioral factors (developmental growth, choice and change) as contributors to a stronger sense of self, but perhaps in the quest for self, moments of realization may be only be temporary yet steer us onwards, thus "it (possibly) is the journey that’s important, not the destination". (Cohen, 2008)....

Free Will: Philosophical Term

Free will is the horizon of our everyday lives. It is the element that gives meaning to the actions we are going to undertake. Free will can get muddied by its archaic name and the strong emotions it excites. Free will comes from a pre-scientific worldview, which saw the mind as quite separate from the body and the brain. It is said that “an action is freely chosen if someone decides to do it wi...

The Debate Between Freewill And Determinism

(6) But moral responsibility is extremely important and it is hard to imagine what human life would be like without it. Free will: Robert Kane Nothing could be more important than freedom to the modern world; Robert Kane. We want freedom because we are human beings who want to feel that we are in control of our own actions. This gives one the opportunity to satisfy more of our desires. Having free...

Sartre View on Free Will

It is not logically possible to make sense of human responsibility without the conception of free will. It is our free will that allows us to make moral and responsible choices. We always have a choice in doing something, but that doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want. We carry the weight of responsibility for our actions and decisions on our shoulders. Any human being can choose to use their ...

Do We Have Free Will?

Libet’s experiment seems to have raised concern and controversy. Libet’s experiment shows that brain activity is the catalyst in causing behaviour, actions and the processes of decision making, this is possible. However, neuroscientific experimentation of ‘free will’ does not seem likely. The title of the paper seems politically incorrect, as the experiment does not concern free will, but ...

Big Five Personality Traits

Do Mike and Marty appear to have different levels of intelligence, or do they show intelligence in different ways? Please explain. I don’t think you can tell who is more intelligent here. Marty is definitely book-smarter than Mike, but Mike is social and has a different kind of intelligence. I am sure that Marty is more logical-mathematical intelligent than Mike, but Mike is more interpersonal i...

Descartes’ Discourse on the Method

Most of the times we try to prove existence of God or lack thereof by evaluating what are outside us. However, Descartes made a self-evaluation on intrinsic values of himself as a human being. By deconstructing his strengths and limitations, he was able to realize a fair conclusion about the existence of a supreme being, which we refer to as God. Therefore, the ending was different but offered a c...

Dehumanization: Marxism and Modern Era

Based on the scenarios presented by the three books, and personal understanding of dehumanization, I believe it cannot be absent in modern era society. The degree to which dehumanization can occur is extremely varied, and while we can hope and wait for it to merely pass by, it is better to act. Try to resist dehumanization as much as can, as Levi’s character Elias demonstrated, with strong will ...

Thomas Ludwig: Dating And Mating

I believe that a relationship between a man and a woman should be founded on a long friendship without a physical contact. When both male and female are seeking after God, He will open a door that no man can close (Revelation 3:8) for a beginning of a relationship. It is the male position to bring the female closer to God and the female position is to bring the male closer to God. You don’t have...

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