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Human motivation Essay

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Human motivation

Human Motivation Essay Examination 1. Compare and contrast the theories of overweight and obesity. Describe how the components of Human Motivation relate to the obstacles dieters face today. Analyze why these obstacles exist and, also, motivations role in dieting. (note to student: feel free to use bulleted lists to make a point of comparison/contrast but then provide, in paragraph form, a narrative explanation. ) From the study conducted by the World Health Organization, they have set a standard on the classification of obesity and overweight.

According to them, a person is considered overweight if her/his Body Mass Index is in the range 25 to 29. 9, while BMI value above the range is considered obese. There are many theories formulated regarding obesity. These are the Set Point Theory, Enzyme and Hormone Theory, Fat Cell Theory, Theory of Thermogenesis, Thermic Effect of Food, and External Cue Theory. In addition to these, other eating disorders were considered as one of the causes of obesity. Set Point Theory varies among individual since it is the range of weight where one’s body is set to have and will maintain it if the person allows it to.

While the Enzyme and Hormone Theory also varies among individual depending on his/her body program, meaning how much or how less his/her body produces hormones and enzymes that are necessary for digestion and gaining weight. However, this theory shows in some studies that some hormonal problems regarding obesity are inherited and can be passed on to their offspring. The Theory of Thermogenesis on the other hand states that obesity may be acquired if the energy intake is exceeds energy used by the body. The energies unused are stored as fat in various parts of the body.

Next is Thermic Effect of Food is the term used to express the energies consumed during the digestion and other processes that requires the burning of energy during digestion. Protein requires the highest energy to be consumed, next is carbohydrates then fat. Finally, External Cue Theory simply states the availability of food and the easiness of its access. In contrast, the theories on overweight are not specifically termed like that with obesity since, it is not yet considered a health problem compared to obesity, it is just a horrible warning that a person may reach obesity if being overweight is not controlled.

Overweight is having excess fats and looking bigger and rounder than other people their age and at times may affect their physical activities like running and jumping. Though some of obesity’s theory can also be applied to this. Like for example, the availability of food, the energy intake is more than the energy used, and other eating disorders. Human Motivation is a perspective that can influence a man’s performance, however to achieve such goals, a person should have knowledge on how to achieve it and the opportunity and time to achieve such goals.

Usually, overweight and obese people who want to achieve a normal weight faces obstacles in the knowledge and opportunity aspects. Also, some obese people are hindered by the disabilities accompanied by obesity, like being not able to walk or stand. However, to those who can still perform well to achieve normal weight, one can have a strict diet plan, exercise regularly, get into sports or other activities pertaining to weight loss. 2. Explain how arousal affects a humans motivation to either perform or procrastinate.

Be sure to explain the physiological aspects of arousal. Create the following real-life scenarios to illustrate your understanding. Arousal is the activating of the brain and the body systems in order to be able to perform. It has two arousal systems – cortical (brain system) and autonomic nervous system (body). Arousal affects human motivation to perform or procrastinate since excessive arousal can dim intelligence and may cause a low performance level of a person on a difficult situation, while moderate arousal can cause a better performance.

A real-life example for this is, a woman witnessing a car accident, with victims severely injured. If the woman, panics, activating her cortical and autonomic nervous system on its highest level, then she might be responding in a less intelligent way, than to control her emotion, try to relax to diminish the activating her arousal systems so she can think smartly, make right choices and respond wisely to the incident.

a) Create a real-life scenario for a teenage male depicting the role of arousal in performance and include the application of one theory of Human Motivation. For example, using the Hierarchy of Needs Theory, a teenage male survives a plane crash and got stuck in a forest. If the male does not control his arousal it may cause panic and it will dim his intelligence on how to act wisely on the situation, and the opposite happens when his arousal in low.

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