Human motivation Essay

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Human motivation

Introduction: A person is a complex creature who goes through a variety of developmental changes in his life. Each of these changes, a particular learning occurs. When we learn, we organize, shape, and strengthen our brain. Humans are like machines who never get tired of learning. From the day we are born, our brain works and encode those that we have learned in the web connections of our brain. But what does learning mean? Learning is how one acquires new information about the world he lives in.

It is how he interprets and understands reality in a way that his behavior changes because of those learned information or knowledge. Learning is also said to be an active process in which the learner uses sensory input and constructs meaning out of those things that has to be learned. The learner needs to do something to be able to learn because learning is not just a passive acceptance of knowledge and ideas of a person alone, but rather, an activity or process which involves the learner to engage with the world he is in.

Motivation on the other hand is a key component in learning. Essential because it includes an understanding of ways in which the knowledge can be used. Unless we know the reason why, we may not be very involved in using the knowledge that may be instilled in us, even with the most intensive, severe, rigid, and direct type of teaching. When one is not motivated to learn, teaching becomes ineffective and useless. Motivation is an inner state of need or desire that activates an individual to do something that will satisfy that need or desire.

Motivation is derived from the need or desires internal to the individual such that others cannot motivate an individual but must manipulate environmental variables that may result in an increase or decrease of motivation. The relationship between motivation and learning is connected and are mutually causal. That is, those individuals, “who are more motivated learn more…those who learn more become more motivated” (Richmond, 194).

In classroom settings, the teacher uses an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning and self motivation. Knowing how to meet individual learner’s needs for control, competence, and belonging in the classroom is one key to student motivation to learn. Following are examples of learning as tied to human motivation. Teacher Rose is a regular teacher of 45 students in a public school.

Three of her students are repeaters and two manifests symptoms of mild retardation. Their presence in class causes her stress and anxiety not because she don’t want these children there but because she feels like she is not able to help them as she‘s supposed to be. Since there are no special schools in the place to cater the needs of these children, she decided to apply for a scholarship at the district office to study Special Education. The process was not an easy one but because of her desire to help these children, she was able to graduate and earned a degree in Special Education.

Now she’s more fulfilled and happy because she is able and capable of teaching and handling these types of children. Sir Benjamin on the other hand is a teacher who wishes to become a lawyer someday. But due to poverty, this dream remains only a dream. When he got married and belittled by his in-laws, Sir Benjamin vowed to become a lawyer to prove that he can be somebody someday, a person his in-laws would respect and be proud of. When his marriage was annulled due to insistence of his in-laws, Sir Benjamin applied for a scholarship in a university to pursue his studies in Law.

After painful years of studying and teaching at the same time, he was able to graduate and pass the board exam. Now, he is already a lawyer. Although he was not able to win back his beloved wife, he is still happy and proud because at last, he was able to fulfill his dream and was able to prove himself at the same time. Jane is also an example of a person who was able to fulfill and finish her studies because of her desire to help her parents. Due to poverty, Jane wasn’t able to pursue college education. She went to work in a restaurant for two years.

When given a chance to apply for a scholarship at the Mayor’s office, she didn’t hesitate to ask permission from her employer. Working during the day and studying during the nights. The process was long and hard and yet she was able to graduate. She was very motivated to finish her studies because she needs to get a descent job so she would be able to send her younger brothers and sisters to school. Now, she works in a bank, a lot more comfortable and happier because she’s able to fulfill her dreams. Motivation therefore comes from within, and most people with intrinsic motivation are most likely to succeed.

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