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Human motivation Essay

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Sometimes, people are given choices to work within a group or to work alone. As expected, the answers vary. Some prefer to work within groups where they share ideas with some people, get directed at or give instructions. On the other hand, some prefer to work alone. They set their own rules and practice their own rights. Autonomy is giving oneself his right to rule. Autonomy is being applied to other fields of studies like medicine, politics, philosophy and moral studies.

In politics, if one wants to be autonomous, then he or she should not be supervised by the government. Autonomy means independence from any higher power. Most autonomous regions in the world are made of the Muslim population. In the field of medicine, however, autonomy is obtained by a patient in which the decision to perform a delicate procedure on him is a choice for him to make. Autonomy in the medicine industry comes in during life-and-death situations. A patient is granted autonomy to decide what he thinks he deserves best.

He is made to decide for his own life. Minor patients are not granted autonomy yet, which is why the parents or guardians do the decision-making for the patient. (James, 2000, p. 43). Usually, when autonomy is taken in a philosophical or moral perspective, a man is naturally put into a dilemma where he is against himself. There are rational and un-coerced decisions which he has to make. How does autonomy help in human motivation? Take for example the Muslim rebels who are experiencing autonomy not just from a country but probably from the world.

They are pretty much determined to fight for their right and their land. Too bad it has caused plenty of lives. Likewise, autonomy helps a person stick to his goal. It serves as a guide for him to accomplish whatever it is that he intends to do. How one can allow another to decide for himself is a way to get life going. Autonomy is a tool to know the two sides of any issue, discussion or concern. (Adams, 2001, p. 43). Autonomy helps one person to make great decisions.

The power to make rational decisions is a big thing. It serves as a guide for him to keep inspired in whatever one is achieving.


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