Human – Meaning of life Essay

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Human – Meaning of life

?I really have to give credit for my religion & beliefs for my search on the meaning of life. I’m a fully baptized Catholic, and a part of God’s Church. 17 years of being a Catholic and in search of the meaning of life, I have always thought it is about the Call to Holiness. My religion taught me that being a part of God’s Church is no accident, but because God wanted to share in His own blessed life, and in doing so He wanted me to desire & serve Him freely by following His will. And by following his will, God will grant me eternal happiness which will lead to my salvation.

All Catholics knew that God sent His son, Jesus, to set an example for us. Jesus showed the perfect example & answered the call to Holiness. He showed us that we should love our neighbors as God showed His love for us; and that is what the Call to Holiness is. In search for the true meaning of life, it will take plenty of years, but for now I plan to stick with what my religion has taught me. Carl Rogers Carl Rogers emphasized & focused on self-actualization. He believed that a person should develop his/her potential to the fullest, and in good condition.

In doing so, the environment of a person should be inherently good. A person will only stop developing if constraints block the development. A fully developed person shows that he/she achieved the highest level of being a right & fully-functioning human being. Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi, which means “great soul,” was an ideologist during the Independent movement of India from the British. As an ideological leader he believed violence should never be an answer to fight for his people’s rights, and should never take discrimination.

He also believed that harmony, truth & equality exists between all religions. With these 2 influential personas, I have noticed similarities between them. They both talk about human beings having a common good inside of them. They emphasized that all humans were born good, but because of destructive environment, they tend to turn their backs on what is right. Sources: http://www. simplypsychology. org/carl-rogers. html http://www. ask. com/question/what-were-gandhi-s-beliefs.

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