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Human Growth & Development Reflection: Procastination

Being a student in high school, the problem with procrastination is most definitely a very common occurrence. To try to curb this horrible problem you will need to find a study method that works for you and sparks an interest in the material you will be studying. In my case, I have never seemed to have found a effective study method that worked for me and one that had sparked an interest in whatever I may have been studying for. For many years I had studied for tests employing study methods such as highlighting the text, simply reading the material covered by the test, reading all of the information at one time, and the most used among high school and college student but definitely the least effective one, cramming that didn’t do much good and resulted in poor test scores.

After learning about how memory works in Human Growth and Development, I was very curious to see how well these new so called “golden” study methods would work for me.

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I quickly tested out these new study methods for a test that I had been procrastinating for. To my surprise, the Method of Loci which at first had seemed quite silly turned out to work perfectly and helped me achieve a perfect score of one hundred on my test compared to the previous test of the same type which I had received a score of eighty-five. For me to find my study method that worked for me during my sophomore year of high school was a bit late.

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Even though it may have been a bit late, I definitely believe that my terrible problem with procrastination on important tests may have thankfully found a solution that lasts a great deal of time and hopefully will help me in the future to pursue a career in medicine.

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Human Growth & Development Reflection: Procastination

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