Human Evolution Essay

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Human Evolution

The Evolutionary History of Life on earth traces the process by which living and fossil organisms have evolved since life on the planet first originated until the present day. According to research earth formed about 4.5 Ga (billion years) ago and life appeared on its surface within 1 billion years. The similarities between all present day organizes indicate the presence of a common ancestor from which all known species have diverged through the process of evolution. Every organism has an evolved life history pattern. A life history pattern in which the way time and energy are allocated between growth, maintenance and reproduction. The Evolution of Human Behavior promotes there have been three major life history transactions toward later sexual maturation and longer lifespan. Such as; Prosimians to Monkeys, Monkeys to Apes and Apes to Humans, these patterns of life history characteristics resulting in parental care over long developing periods of human life’s expendency.

In my opinion, in order for one must first find out what their genes have been up to in their past history and what they want in their present type of environment plays a big part as to where their future lifespan reaches. We have to consider both the successes and problems causing failures of attempts to use natural instincts to understand fully human behavior and reproduction. Human sexual selection is also an explanation for human social differences in which the human race evolves. Another behavioral perspective is the conclusion concerning the evolutionary base for differences in behavioral between men and woman. In addition, using survival skills such as; behavior in planning, consciousness, emotions, awareness and moral sense that often accompany what we do plays a big part in our destiny. According to anthropologist George Armelagos, ancient teeth tell us secrets that may relate to modern-day health: Some stressful events that occurred early in development are linked to shorter life spans.

Prehistoric remains are providing strong, physical evidence that people who acquired tooth enamel defects while in the womb or early childhood tended to die earlier, even if they survived to adulthood. The idea that many adult diseases originated during the fetal development and early childhood. Teeth are like a snapshot into the past, the evidence is there and it is indisputable. Over half of the baby boomers here in America are going to see their hundredth birthday come to an excellent health. There will also be the other percent that will get to experience a shortened lifespan due to the lack of health effects in evolution ending in aging without children. Insurance companies are trying to promote and incorporate- The Die Younger plan so they can save millions of dollars on social security since they are running out.

Not only are insurance companies promoting this plan but the child’s parent or guardian is also the cause of their shorter lifespan. The plan is pushing to encouraging Baby Boomers to smoke, eat fatty food, drink excessively, not exercise, and to generally burn the candle at both ends. In addition, the retirement age to be raised so Boomers have to keep working and live under a lot of stress causing them to have a shortened lifespan. The parents are not taking care of their healthy lifestyles but promoting bad eating and lack of exercise habits. In conclusion, health is an important role and affects one’s lifespan in evolution. So, unless we start taking better care of our health and habits we will not be able to elongate our life’s but shorten it instead. As the saying goes, what you do now reflects on your future.

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