Human Development & Learning/ Personality & Emotional Development Essay

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Human Development & Learning/ Personality & Emotional Development

There are different skills that are important and which contribute to positive social development in life. These skills help a person to be able to carry out social roles and responsibilities. Children need to learn all these skills both in school and in their homes so that they are able to handle life situations. Conflict resolution skills are very necessary for children. This is because conflicts are always present both at home and at school. Therefore, they need skills on how they can handle these skills.

This helps further in building of healthy social relationships, which are necessary in life. Conflict resolution skills not only helps children to social problems but also conflicts they may be experiencing within them (Baker& Myles, 2003). Caring skills are also crucial to children. It is very important that children should be trained to be caring from the time they are young. This helps them to care and assist each other both in the classroom and in the community. Caring skills also help them to become caring citizens in the future.

Teaching children to be caring means that the society has caring members in the future. It acts as a foundation of a community that is able to assist each other during times of needs. It is also important that children should be taught to be responsible. Responsibility is a key skill that children need in order to handle their social roles at home and in school. Being responsible in whatever they do would assist them be able to attain their self-actualization in the future.

There are various qualities of a family environment that are necessary for the development of the above skills. A peaceful environment at home is very essential for a child to be able to solve problems. This is because a child will learn how to solve conflicts from home in a non-violent way. A family that is inclusive in its roles make children be able to be responsible in their social roles. This is a situation where children are incorporated when sharing role at home. Being given roles makes them become responsible in their capacities.

This also allows them to become managers of their time and in making plans on how to accomplish their roles. They also develop a feeling of belonging in the family. Irresponsibity in the family contributes to under development of social skills in children. If parents do not take their roles well then it means that the children also learn to be irresponsible in their duties as a result of the example they learn from their parents. They develop the feelings of being insecure, as they feel neglected in their families.

They grow being irresponsible citizens in future. (Damon & Lerner, 2006). A Classroom, which is inclusive, allows children to be caring and responsible. For example, a classroom whereby children are given various roles to play enhances their responsibility skills (Damon & Lerner, 2006). A classroom where children are engaged in-group work allows them to learn how to work with others and learn how to solve problems, which may arise when working as a group. Therefore, the classroom environment gives them an opportunity to develop these skills.

The classroom also helps them to develop friendship and respect for the others. However, a classroom environment that promotes individualistic work may hinder children from attaining various social skills. This is because that kind of classroom will only make children to be locked in their own cocoons without much consideration of their social roles and responsibilities. Children in such a classroom do not develop a feeling of belonging, which is essential for social development. (Baker& Myles, 2003).

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