Human development Essay

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Human development

Human development entails all means to widen man’s preferences so he could sustain a healthy lifestyle, enjoy human rights, experience the normal way of living, and discover ways to become useful for the service of others and for his own esteem. Similarly, he can enjoy living a contented life enjoying the privilege of having political, cultural, communal, and economical liberties. Human development has its own justification.

If at some point one’s development is questioned or criticized or discriminated against, so long as one does not interfere with other people’s lives nor deprive them of their own happiness, one owes nobody an explanation for what he does, for who he is and how he has become. In order to pull off this human development, he may seek some channels to build up his entire being. Socialization can be one of those channels wherein such channel will give them a sense of being in the right place and eventually develop and become the right person they wanted to be.

Socialization can never be done it is composed of only one person. You have to meet people who may share the same the interests, cultures, norms, ideals, talents, or other similar stuff that you can relate to. To develop fully as individual, one must discover his or her potentials and share them to others. Of course, socializing entails hardships in managing time and adjusting to a group of people.

But then, if you love the group you are in or are interested of improving yourself, all these problems could not possibly overshadow your development as a human being. Man’s socialization skills therefore are essential in his development as a person. If he uses his socialization skills to the fullest, he may become unaware of the extent that his socialization skills would take him if developed. If he learns to discover and harness such, he will undoubtedly provide himself with a huge room to completely grow as a human being.

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