Human Characteristic traits that make them good or evil Essay

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Human Characteristic traits that make them good or evil

Humans can be good, evil, or even both, and the characteristics they portray represent who they are. Throughout many cultures around the world humans have characteristic traits that are good and evil. Universally speaking good defined by Webster’s dictionary: Being positive or desirable in nature; not bad or poor. And Evil: Morally bad or wrong; wicked. Now one can say that bravery is a good characteristic for one to acquire. On the other hand, tricking/fooling/lying to some one is a bad characteristic for a human to posses. Honesty is generally identified as a good trait as well.

Being brave and honest are great qualities identified around the world as good traits for a human to either receive or retain. But, Lying or tricking someone is known to be an evil trait for a human to exercise. In America and other countries around the world bravery is a very important quality for a human to own. In the past it was only men who could be brave, after all men were the ones fighting in the wars; it was their acts of bravery that has made the world what it is today. Now women are able to actually show how brave we are.

There are now many women in war and all of them are brave. But, being brave does not just mean fighting for your country. It means being able to fight, think, and even feel pain for someone else. It can be as simple as a young child taking the training wheels off their bicycle. In the story And Clay we are Created two characters show tremendous acts of bravery, Azucena and Rolf. Azucena is a young 13 year old girl who is trapped for many days. Rolf is a reporter who over comes a fear while talking with her. In the end Azucena and Rolf both overcome a fear of death.

Overcoming a fear is simply brave. Honesty is sometimes how the world goes round’. If no one was honest then how would anyone be able to function or trust anyone? The world would be even more of a crueler place than it is now. Every employer is looking for that honest person. Everyone’s vote goes to who they think is the more honest candidate. When people are honest they acquire a good reputation i. e. Honest Abe, that of course being one of our good presidents Abraham Lincoln. In the story A Piece of String the main character is accused of stealing a wallet full of money.

His accuser said he saw him picking it up and then acting like he was looking for something. It was actually him just picking up a piece of string. After the main character got a bad reputation the wallet was returned, but unfortunately it didn’t instantly make him an honest person. Lying/ tricking a person or many people can be definitely looked on upon as evil or as a sin. Throughout US history many Presidents have lied. A couple of examples are Nixon and Clinton. But, not only in politics is where liars are found.

They are found in court, on TV, and even in novels. For example Anansi in Anansi Owns All Tales That Are Told is a liar. He tricks animals and other insects into closed devices so he can bring them to the sky god, in order to own all stories that are told. Whether a person is good or evil depends on their traits as an individual. Sometimes a person is good and evil. And sometimes people are just plain evil. But Honesty and Bravery will always be looked upon as good traits. And Lying/ tricking will always be looked down upon by the human race.

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