Human brain Essay

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Human brain

Blood is the elixir of life. Without blood, the human body would not be able to perform several of its normal functions. In fact, blood can be said to perform functions that are relevant to the cells, the heart, the brain and the organs. It acts not only as a medium for transporting nutrients but also as a medium for taking out the trash so to speak. Containing necessary minerals, glucose, iron and oxygen, the blood is essential for the survival of the body cells, as well as the organs.

If the blood was not able to carry these nutrients, the body would go into shock and not be able to function. Therefore, it can be said that the first function of blood is as a carrier of essential nutrients and oxygen to the different parts of the body. Another function of the blood is as a cleaning agent. Since the cells cannot dispose of the useless substances, wastes and toxins on their own, the blood is necessary. It carries these wastes and toxins to the kidney and the liver in order to filter the blood and dispose of these harmful toxins.

If the blood is not present, there would be an unhealthy build up of these substances that would cause the body to cease carrying out its functions and result in death. Finally, the blood is important in that it carries white blood cells and encourages the healing process. It also encourages the healing process by distributing the white blood cells all over the body to raise its resistance. Also, white blood cells have anti bodies that prevent other viruses and diseases from taking over the body.

As a whole, blood is extremely important if not crucial to the continued operation of the human body and its functions. The blood acts as a transmitter of the essential nutrients, as a waster disposal unit for all the unwanted wastes and toxins and finally, as a healing solution to ensure that the body is protected and functions well at all times. This is on top of the fact that it carries oxygen to all the other parts of the body, most especially the human brain.

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