Human Behavior & society Essay

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Human Behavior & society

One good argument in favor of natural determination of human behavior is through an experiment done with lab rats. In this case, a castrated male rat (with no testosterone) is placed with a female lab rat that has been injected with testosterone. In this case, the female acts dominant while the male is submissive. This to an extent proves that natural factors e. g. hormones play an important role in human behavior.

Besides this, the moodiness experienced by humans undergoing puberty, as well as pre-menstrual syndrome, in which human behavior fluctuates, shows that natural factors do play a role in determining human behavior. On the other hand, the lab rat experiment is questionable, mainly because the biology of rats is significantly different from humans, and secondly, because humans themselves consume testosterone without such drastic swings in behavior.

This suggests that what is currently seen as hormone-triggered changes in human behavior could have social undercurrents. Human behavior itself is a highly complex topic. In some instances, as seen with hormones and also genetically inherited diseases, it is completely due to natural circumstances and events. In other instances, certain types of human behavior is caused by social conditioning and socialization e. g. compliance with the law and the observance of norms and values.

In some unusual cases, it is determined by nature and society, working hand-in-hand, or sometimes one after the other to cause a change in such behavior. To judge this issue in terms of absolutes would be unjustified. Exactly in what way human behavior is developed depends on both society and on nature- and in many cases either society or nature is more dominant. However, it is clear that human behavior overall is shaped by a blend of both natural and social factors and issues, from genetic inheritance to socio-economic class.

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