Human and Evolution Essay

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Human and Evolution

Human desire is unlimited, everyone also will hold a laziness attitude, so to own desires, human need to work harder to satisfy their own, therefore society in constant evolution!

Sigmund Freud once said that human evolution is mainly has two conditions as the driving force, one is sex and another is eager to greatness. However, this is unscientific if we observed from another perspective. Through understanding and awareness the history of Europe and Asia, we can assume this argument exists only in the view of philosophy and cannot afford to ponder in reality.

With the era and knowledge progress, people have analyzed the reason of human evolution to be more simplified and clearly, it can be summarized in a word: survival. Evolution is a process of fittest survives, not suitable people will be eliminated, each of the person’s genetic are constantly changing, and is non-directional, genes control human’s activities of all life. In addition, when people confronting difficulties or changing, some mutant gene fit, but some do not, so those who do not fit will naturally died and eliminated. Generally, humans will choose to make changes and through evolution to maintain their patterns of life.

According to Plato, “human is an animal that have no feathered and stand on two feet, the selection of human walk upright, maybe just to make walking easier.” Through some scientists verification, as the substantial change in the natural environment, such as the climate was changed erratically and deforestation cause the forest reduce, using walking upright is more conducive to human migration between the various settlements. This real case of human history is showing the evolution of standing and walking firstly to make the human brain has been gradual evolution and improvement. On the other hand, to stand up for walking and running, human need to balance the body and motor coordination of body parts, for the cerebellum of evolution has played a significant role in. Moreover, because of the evolution of standing and walking, human’s hands and feet also gradual evolution of division of labor.

Besides that, because of people habit of laziness, there are more and more inventors to create something to provide life convenience for human, such as paper to convenient human communication and armillary sphere, seismograph to facilitate the people to observed celestial bodies and natural disasters. All of these are the inventor’s creative inspiration that obtained by the evolution. After a long time, those items are cannot satisfy people’s needs, then people will have to evolution to reform it or create another items. At the time of human invented complex instruments, the item is also forcing humans to adapt to its complexity, which in turn will promote human accelerated pace of evolution.

Until today’s living environment has already evolution to become high tech, human science and technology has been rapid improvement and the invention and use a variety of tools are also complicated, for example: mobile phone has became the main item to work, to connect people communicate, replace people entertainment and vehicle became main transportation for people to move, all of the people who are following in this environment are also affected. So, they have only one way to avoid being eliminated the social environment, and that is evolution together. Everyone needs to make changes by themselves, learning and contacts more stuff, broadening their horizons.

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