Huck Questions Essay

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Huck Questions

1)What are the king and duke getting ready for?
They are getting ready to perform lines from various plays by Shakespeare.
2)What kind of a town is Bricksville?
It’s a small town which consists of people who are always trying to lynch people.
3)Why had Boggs come to town?
He was drunk and he came to town to kill Sherburn.
4)What did the “loafers” think of Boggs’ threats?
They didn’t believe him because he would frequently go to town and threaten people but he would never follow those threats.
5)Describe the murder of Boggs.
Sherburn gives Boggs until 1:00 AM to insult him and says that he will kill him after that. At exactly 1, he shoots Boggs. Boggs’ daughter comes to save but she is too late.
6)How did the townspeople react to the murder?
The townspeople want to lynch him because he murdered Boggs.

Chapter 22

1)Why did the “Lynching Bee” fail?
When the townpeople go to Sherburn, he tells them that they aren’t brave enough to lynch him and that they are cowards. There isn’t a real man amongst townspeople. 2)What does Sherburn think of the men in the mob? Is he right? He thinks they are cowards and he’s right because they run away after his speech. 3)Sherburn’s speech is the only place in the novel where the point of view shifts for any length of time. Why, at this point, does Twain let Sherburn take over? He lets Sherburn take over because Huck isn’t as experienced as Sherburn is. 4)Why does Huck enjoy the circus so much?

He likes it because he can get away from the Duke and the King and can relax instead of thinking about the problems that have to do with freeing Jim. 5)How successful is the Shakespearean Revival?

It wasn’t that successful but they get enough money to compensate for what they put in to create the show. Only 12 people go. 6)How does the duke plan to get an audience for the low-comedy presentation? He makes posters out of giftwrapper and black paint. The line that catches most people’s attention is “ Ladies and Children are not admitted”. 7)Compare the incident at the circus with the shooting of Boggs. In what ways are the situations similar? How does Huck’s response differ from the crowd’s in both instances?

Chapter 23
1)Why doesn’t the audience “take care of” the king and the duke after the first performance? The audience realized that they were tricked to go to the performance. 2)What happens on the third night?

Many people go but they have rotten vegetables and dead animals to throw. 3)Why is Huck amazed at Jim’s mourning his home and family? He used to think that slaves didn’t have the same emotions as white people but when Jim mourns for his family, Huck realizes that slaves are humans too.

4)What does the story of ‘Lizabeth show about Jim?
It shows that Jim is capable of feeling guilty too.

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